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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Start For Bloody Boots

So I was getting on to do God knows what. I was thinking about just chatting but then I decided to start my AF2 quest for my AF boots. I get on and no one's on my LS so I change to ND and no one I know is on there. Then I change to CB and say hello. But then I felt to just stay on my own. I said hello to some peeps on my friends' list. I head to Chateau to start quest from Curilla. Instead of AF quest, I get some other bogus quest. I talked to her again and got my AF quest. I follow up on the items requested that were in San D. I saw a ghost and the priest told me to get the hell out his Cathedral & to never come back. Lol. The next part is to go to Crawler's Nest. I'll do that some other time. I was going to start my Limit Break 1 [LB1] quest, but I didn't feel up to traveling to Jeuno. So logged out. At least I'm on my way.

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