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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Duo'ing Is Good For Your Health

I get on for conversational purposes only. Wasn't planning on any leveling or anything. I was going to do my taxes and talk. Like I was supposed to do yesterday. Right. So I get and find once again my ls is bumping. It's full of people. Yay! Inchigo, Annastacia, Mayonaka, and even Naquel. Naquel was having a bad day. Inchi was trying to skill up in the wrong area with DRG. Kirinage and Oliphant were on too. I was talking with Kakida thru tells. He was so hurt from RBK disbanding and disheartened about who his friends are. I felt bad for him. Then we got to more pleasant convo about skills and jobs. He gave me a fishing rod he got off of a gob. So I decide to fish and do my taxes. Ok. That couldn't happen. Fishing requires me to keep hold of the controller. Damn. So much for my taxes. I fish a stack of moat carp when I get a tell from Ghostdawg. He wanted to know what I was up to. I told him I was looking to duo so I raise my sword and elemental skills. He said he has to do same with his SAM. So we make a date. We head to Yhoator. During my skilling up party Naquel and Mayonaka get into a little argument. I had to settle them down. After that was squashed. I died. As we were fighting a crawler 2 tonberries and 1 element attacked us. I died and Ghost got down to 29 HP. I hp and OP back. We continue on when I got a tell from Naquel asking if I was mad at him. Lol. This is a constant thing lately. Ghost now Naq. Lol. I told him no but he should try to be nice. By end of the night my elemental went from 93 to 97 and my sword went from 120 to 124. I even learned a new weapon skill, seraph blade, that I can't even use with my RDM. Lol. Ghost gave me a warp cudgel to use to get back home to my hp. Then when I get home he tells me to keep it. Lol. And I found money in my delivery box from my stack of fish. Damn tonight was a good night.

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