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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taking a Break From Job hunting

I get on Friday, to party because I seriously need conquest points. So I am in Norg when I get on and I chocobo'd to Kazham to get airship to Jeuno. I got to Kazham without getting lost. Yay! While I was waiting for airship Kirinkage said he wanted to level his SAM instead. I said I'd level my THF. As I was waiting I was talking to Ghostdawg, he said he wanted in. So I make it to San D and change. On way to meet Kirin I was talking on CB linkshell. Then somehow they decided to party with Kirin and I. Kainbelmont sent me an invite. I told him it was 3 of that was coming. He gets Kirin in. I tell him that my 3rd person is coming. He ignored me and inited someone else. So now I had to tell Ghost that there wasn't any room. He was pissed. He had just used his last warp cudgel. I was lost as to what to do. I couldn't decide to stay or leave. Ghost said to stay and he wanted names to blacklist. I told himno because I don't think he was doing it maliciously. He was rantingly mad. I told him to calm down. I am now in Dunes partying and pulling. We doing very well. Then Ghost gets back to me and apologized. He said he had a short temper and he's sorry. That he wasn't mad at me and he didn't want to make me uncomfortable. I accepted his apology and he said that the party he ditched or me let him back in. So it was all good. PhotobucketSo back in party we are all talking in ls. Naquel as being all mushy to me. He's always saying TK (that's his nickname for me) you are going to be mine. I told him he's going to have a fight on his hands if he thinks so. The Kirin said to cut out the mushy stuff because it's gross. Naquel just said bring it on he can take on all the other guys. Lol. Naquel is hilarious. Then Frizzlefry had to go. He was the PLD. Since I was talking to Inchigo I knew he was playing PLD and he was level 15. I told him to come along. I told Kain I had a replacement. The Kain again ignored me and invited Naquel and Delvega into party. I had to tell Inchigo not to come. This is twice. I don't think I'll party with Kain anymore. So now Naquel is in party along with Delvega. I don't remember who else left. Kirin said Kain must've been set to have a LS party. I thought it was rude. Anyway, I leveled twice and died once. Saturday I get on to do some more DRK quest. I start killing stuff. I got it down to 85 out of 100 killed. Yay! Then I got bored. So I decided to party with RDM. I got 5 people easily; Kirin (DRG), Oliphant (PLD), Titen (BRD), me (RDM) and Kakida (WAR). I got a SAM. Then he disconneccted on the way to Garlaige. So now I have to find a 6th member again. I find a DNC. We were doing well. Then we got 2 bats linked and it took all my MP trying to cure, so I had to remedy the situation. I converted, did a divine seal and cure 4 myself.
PhotobucketDo you want to know what happened? Both bats said fuck it to the rest of the party and advanced towards me. Guess what happened next? I died, you guessed correct. The rest of the party tried their best to pull them off me. My cure 4 generated way too much hate when combined with divine seal. Anyway, I still leveled to 49 before I quit for the night.
Sunday I came on to check the new conquest. Li'Trelor was available. So I know I had to go to Mhaura to buy maps for there. On the way I was asked to raise some people. Kirin actually OP'd there when I was there. I was expecting it but hey, I convinced him to escort me to Zi'Tah. He obliged. We get to Mhaura and we have no idea who to buy map from. We were all over the place. Just as I was about to call it quits, I found the guy. The funny thing is that Kirin was standing by him and didn't even know. We head to Zi'Tah. We get to OP and I finish my supply run. I warp back to San D. Kirin stayed to farm. I log out.

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