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Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Convo With a Serving of Party

Today was not a playing day when I got onto the game. I got on just to talk with my friends. I was going to do my taxes. I'm on a schedule. I had all my paperwork in front of me and everything. So I log on to find my LS popping. Yay! I had at least 5 people on it. I had Oliphant, Annastacia (formerly Chig), Inchigo, Mayonaka, myself and then Kirinkage. So we get to talking while I am calculating my expenses. Inchi's trying to get me to be his and I'm staying single, lol. Oli doing quests and missions and complaining he can't get a party with his BLU. Mayonaka leveled her WHM in campaign. Then we were discussing TV shows. That's when I get a party invite. I am torn on whether to take party (get exp) or just keep on with the taxes with good conversation. My FFXI gene overwrote my sense of responsibility. So I decided to join the party. The party is in Western Altepa Desert. The only way there is either a Tele to Altepa or OP to Altepa and both takes you to Eastern Altepa Desert. So I decided to OP and walk with sneak and invisible on. As I was looking for entrance to W Altepa, I bump into Naquel. I give him a pearl to my LS. I find my way to my party without incident. PhotobucketI party maybe 2 hours before I left party to log. I didn't get a level, but I have like 2k to go. Then I will be level 50. I will then be able to do my LB1 and AF2 quest. I'm getting up there. Soon I have to start partying in Whitegate areas. Ugh. I will have to become a mercenary and get Sigel instead of Signet. No more conquest points for a long time after that. There's so much I need to do: - raise my elemental magic skills - raise my enhancing magic skills - raise my sword skills - AF2 quest - LB1 quest - open jobs in Windy - do Lure of Wildcats in Windy

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