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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Unemployed

I get on game thinking I'm going to add some more #'s to my tally for DRK job. I an still in Bastok so I head out to North Gustaberg again to kill. So I ended up killing 4 more mobs, that makes my tally 14 or 15, when Ghostdawg asks me if I wanted to fight the bomb thingy that killed me the night before. I said that I can't because I need darksteel ore and theren't any on the AH. He checked today and there was 3. I asked to buy me one and I'll give him back the gil. So I go change and take airship back to Jeuno and met him there. I go get signet and a warp scroll when I got to Jeuno. Just as we met by Kazham airship entrance the ship was arriving. We ran on board in time. Yay! On ship we exchanged items and gil.

We get to Kazham and picked up chocobo. Ok here's the issue. Ghost only knows how to get to Norg from Lowlands OP in Yuhtunga and I don't know at all. So we both had to feel our way thru. I lead first. I got us close but so far. Then Ghost got us the rest of the way. I get into Norg trade the ore to the chick NPC. He said he'll meet at NM site in Konschtat Highlands. Before I could say wait, he disappeared. I told him Iwanted tofinish supply run since I was here. He said ok.

So I get on chocobo from Norg that takes me back into Yuhtunga. I try to navigate to Yhoator; where I need to be. I get lost numerous times. Then I finally zoned into Yhoator. Yes! I am the woman. Who says persistence never pays off? I navigate Yhoator easily. Didn't get lost one bit. Why is Yhoator so much better to navigate? It was a straight shot. I hand in suppliesand then OP to San D. Then I OP to Zulkheim.

I met Ghost by NM spot. I trigger the NM he killed it with very little help from me. No death. Yay! So we walk back to Valkrum Dunes OP. We then OP to Uplands (Yhoator). This time we walk back to Yuhtunga with me casting invisible. I did get aggro'd once by a hidden gob. We finally did get to Yuhtunga. Then he lead way to Norg. This time when we get in Sea serpent Grotto thru hidden door to Norg, my sneak wore off just as a skeleton spawned behind me. So of course I catch aggro and die. Ghost was ahead of me (I told y'all my character runs slow) so he didn't make it in time. But he did get me a raise.

He apologized profusely. Said no need. Now that was the 2nd time I died doingthis SAM quest. So when I got in Norg and traded items to NPC it said I must wait 3 hours to get job and Great Katana. I was not about to log until I get the job. I put too much time and death into getting this job. I stayed there and got it.

Next time I go on, I have to party. I have no more conquest points to use until I get some.

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