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Monday, February 23, 2009

Spending Time in Qufim... It's Been a Long Time

I get on to do LB1 and do my AF2 quests. However, my high level friends are not on except my newly level 70 bro Kirinkage. He was busy doing his Maat fight. When he was done, he said he wanted to level his SAM. Unfortunately he didn't win. So I decided to party with him with my WHM. I had taken the ship to Jeuno already. So while my bro was cooling his heals I went and did the supply run to Elshimo Lowlands. I had to navigate once more in Yhutunga but I some how got to Yhoator. So I continued in Yhoator to head back in Yhutunga further down on map. I get the OP and I warped back to San D. I warp to Qufim to start party. On my way to Jeuno to change, I passed 3 dead people. I raised them. Aren't I nice? Anyway, I got 2 people from the ls ND to party. I got a tell from a SMN wishing to join my party I accepted him. Now the 6th person should have been Oliphant but he was stuck doing subjob quest with someone. So I got a NIN. Party in full swing. We do Field of Valor also. We ran around a lot and then we concentrated on staying by tower. I leveled to 29. 8 more levels before I finish this job as my sub. Not so fond of WHM. The party lost one member then I got someone to replace. Then 2 dropped and then Kirin and I had to leave. All in all my time was not spent in vain. I also got enough exp to level very soon to 30. Next time I'm on I do quests.

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