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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On The Road to Owning a Pet.

Played: 2.5 hours Got on to farm & start the SMN quest. So I head to Windh to start quest, but to find out that I have to get the Carbuncle Ruby first. So I head Burburimu Peninsula to farm Poison Leeches. Olibhear and Kirinkage joined me in farming for the Ruby and stuff to sell. I was and still am broke as hell. I can't even afford to buy me a drink. We farm and farm but we had a lot of competition. There was this guy and girl stealing leeches from me. Pissed me off. I screamed out B@!ches!!! I was so pissed. I got a stack & a half of blood when they asked to join our party. They wanted the blood & they were going to get the Ruby for me. I said fine. I'll still get some money. I did get the Ruby. I then disbanded. I farm some more and got 2 more blood. Then I leave for Windh to start SMN quest. Traveling in Windh In Windh I head to NPC to sell my blood. Then I head to the NPC with the quest and accept it. I have to get the Ruby to experience 7 weather effects: Snow, Earth, Wind, Thunder/Lightning, Clear Skies, Rain and Heat. I then warp to Jeuno. Then I chocobo it to San.D.. On the way there I experience 2 weather effects: Clear skies and Rain. I get to San.D. and logoff.

Monday, September 29, 2008

RDM - Level 31 - Rank 3

Played: 4 hour Logged on again to help Kirinkage to level his PLD and to check on my plant. I get on and I have a message from Inchigo asking me to update my blog. I am so happy there are a few who like my blog. So, I went to meet him in Kazham. I got Olibhear to join the festivities. So we had 2 RDM, 2 PLD, THF, PUP. Those PUP give me the willies. They are so creepy. Anyway we get part of the party together and head into the jungle. Just as I get in someone either aggro'd a gob so we ended up killing it barely. We did not have on level sync yet. We were waiting for THF, who by the way was Doncarnage. Person I partied with my 1st time in Kazham and was in my linkshell. Party in Kazham We had to make camp by entrance because our typical camp was taken. I had forgot to get my signet when I was in Jeuno. Good thing San.D. Was in control of Kazham this week. I was able to get my signet and to recharge my emperor band. Doncarnage finally makes it to us. So she starts pulling immediately. I use my emperor ring. Now the level sync is set to 25. We kill all evening. At some point I level to 30, Kirin got 27, and Olibhear got like 37. Then he left to finish his SMN quest. Then KJirin tried to get me to leave to start the SMN quest. I told him no, it can wait for another day. So it's just 5 of us. Then Doncarnage did his/her infamous leaving party with no explanation. So it's down to 4 of us. Level sync is 26. We were still able to take on the Mandragora's with 4 of us. I forgot to mention we had a guardian angel. I high level RDM was with us killing the Gobs for us so we didn't get aggro. After a while, I got tired and I said I was going to disband. However, Kirin said same so the party broke up. I run to catch airship. Lucky me, it was there when I arrived. I boarded immediately. Back in Jeuno I decided I need Level 30 gear so I go buy armor. I am now officially broke. And I look like a hobo. I am so mismatched. I don't look cute. I have buyer's remorse. I put my current armor up for sale in AH. I didn't get a sword, because I can't afford too. Now I have to farm, farm, farm, and farm. I need spells too. I'm a really poor mage. Hobo 30 Outfit To ease my hurt feelings I start chatting on my linkshell. I talk to everyone and the only person who ignored me was Inchigo. So I bitched about it and he still ignored me. Oh well. I ran around selling stuff to NPC's. Then I logged off. I missed Heroes to play FFXI tonight. I'll get over it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

RDM - Level 29 - Rank 3

Played: 4 hours Got on to help Kirinkage get his PLD up to level 30. I wasn't so concerned about me leveling. So I decided to get a level sync party together. I get a DNC and a War to start. We were in Qufim at first. As we took on some crabs I got a tell from my friend Unworshipdangel. He asked if I needed any more people. I said he. Then we discussed whether he should come as BLM or RDM. I said RDM. By time Unworship came Kirin leveled to 25. Photobucket We then head to Kazham to continue to level. Unworship found us a DRK to join us. So we took what we could with 5 of us until the DRK came. I gave Unworship the leader role. I leveled to 28 before the DRK came. When he did, we kept on fighting then couple of people had to leave. Unworship replaced them with another DRG and DNC. We continue. We tried couple of Gobs instead of the Mandoragas. We were successful with the couple we did. Except Kirin died by bomb toss. No way we could have save him with healing on that. Unworship raised him when he took off level sync. Then we decided we could take on another Gob. That was such a bad idea. The gob swas kicking our ass. I didn't realize that Unworship took off the level sync during the battle and we were still getting our ass handed to us by this Goblin. We all finally killed it barely. Kirin died again and the rest of were in 2 digit red HP readings. I mean we had people with level 43+. That was a very tough fight. I wonder if that gob was an NM. Kirin did finally level to 26 but his dying twice cost him his leveling to 27 by the end of the time. I had to leave. I was getting tired. Photobucket So I disbanded and headed for airship to get back to Jeuno. Then I saw the rest of the party members at the dock so apparently the party broke up. The ship arrives, I get on and then log off when I got to my temp mog house in Jeuno. Photobucket

Friday, September 26, 2008

When Leveling Down Is Bad For Your Health!

Played: 3 hours Got on to do supply quest to Jugner Forest with my brother Kirinkage. On his way to meet me in San.D., he got an invite for some folks to go get his AF Hands for his DRG. He said it shouldn't take too long. So I told him to meet me in LaTheine when he's done. I was going to level my spells. I head into W.Ronf.. I killed an Orc with one spell. Then I took down some crabs with 2 spells. Didn't have to use my sword. I got bored so I asked what my LS was doing. They were in the Dunes partying with Level sync. I asked if they need a powerleveler. They said sure. I head to the Dunes. I can't believe I can go into the Dunes now without any fear. I used to hate the Dunes with a passion. The hardest creature, Goblin Leecher, Leeches and Damslefly, are all easy prey to me. They don't even aggro me. I find the party and I powerlevel for a while. While doing that I get a level sync party invite in the Dunes. I told them I will when I finish pl'ing my friends. My friends' party was disbanding so I left and headed to the party. In the party you have this: RDM (me), BST, WAR, MNK, PUP and I don't remember 6th person's job. This party stunk. Besides, my failure to know which spells I can use, the team pulled things that was too easy. We moved to new location. Then they pulled things way too hard for Level 17 (aka Goblin Leecher). This killed puller, of course. Then another player thought that he can fight 2 goblins. I cured him & then I had to zone cause he died and the gob started to aggro me. I ran to Selbina. I called a friend in the area to raise puller (who was also party leader). I told leader to take off level sync when she gets raised. She's like why. Both another character and myself said because you and the other person is weak and we can't defend the party restricted to 17. So she finally took off the level sync. I leave Selbina and head back to party. We fight one more mob, before I told them I had to leave. I didn't even know that I leveled to 27. I meet my brother in LaTheine so we can go into Jugner so I can do a supply run. I thought we would fight to and from, but we just ran to and from. I can now warp to San.D. from Jugner, Qufim, W Ronf, and Valkrum Dunes. The other places San.D. is in control of right now are too high level places for me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

RDM - Level 26 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Got on to level. I go to Kazham for the first time. I get on the airship. The programmers for this game are hot. To make an arial view like the one on the airship, they are genius. I run around the city looking for a map. I find no map. I then start looking for a party in Kazham. None available so I make my own. I got a girl from my LS who was already heading here. I look for others. I was talking to Titen and he said he'll join. So that was RDM, RNG and PLD. Now I looked for 3 more. I got THF, RNG and BLM. It took nearly an hour to get everyone together. We get into the Yohtunga Jungle to find camp. As we are looking, I, of course, gets aggro'd by a Gob. Lucky level sync wasn't on at that moment. So, Titen killed it. We found camp close to the zone. We pull Madrake looking mobs. They look adorable. They put you asleep a lot. I think I went to sleeop every other fight. I leveled to 26. Had a good time. Only person who died was the THF. The original RNG disconnected and I replaced her with MNK. I concentrated on curing for the party since we didn't have a WHM. The party was over when PLD and BLM said they had to go to Sky to help someone out. The BLM warped me back to Jeuno. He/She was really nice. At Jeuno, I decided to get to Qufim to see what I can solo. The worms were even matches and I don't fool with even matches. So I headed back to mog house and logged off.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have Kazham Wings...Will Fly

Played: 3 intervals in 2 days Day 1 - Interval 1: I got on yesterday at 1:40 pm to go to Bastok to get Tele-Dem Crystal, Parlborough Chest Key and complete Bastok portion of Mission 2-3. It went pretty cool. I was in San.D. and we chocobo'd it to Bastok. We stopped in Konschrat Highlands to get my Tele-Dem crystal from the telecrag. S Gustaburg Then we get to Bastok and I go around doing the missions. I buy all the maps in Bastok, including the one for Parlborough Mines that I need to go for both the chest key & to refine ore into sand. Bastok At first we got lost in the mines. And we ended up on a boat that took us back to Bastok. So we had to go there again. This time I said lets dig the ore first from the Mithryl Seam. I got the ore on the 4th try. We then head to 3rd floor of mine to refine it into Mythril sand. Then we went to find the Quadav's to kill for Chest Key. This took 3 hours. I log off to rest. Day 1 - Interval 2: I get back on at 8 pm to go to Windhurst. There I need to get Tele-Mea Crystal, Giddeus Chest Key and complete Windh portion of Mission 2-3. This portion took a while. We chocobo it to Windh from Bastok. I search for party members to come with to help fight the Dragon in Windh part of Mission 2-3. I got Olibhear and Unworshipdangel to join me and Kirinkage. We get into Tahrongi Canyon to stop by the Tele-Mea Telecrag. However, we met up with Unworshipdangel on the way. I get my telecrystal and get another chocobo. Our previous chocobo kicked us off. So we were footing it. We meet Olibhear at the telecrag too. We get to Windh. I make my rounds and buy up all the maps, especially for Giddeus. I need the chest key from there too. We do the dragon first. Oli couldn't come in, since he hasn't completed mission 2-1. So it was just Kirin (DRG), Unworship (BLM) and me (RDM) taking on the Dragon. After we killed the dragon, Unworship had to leave. Then Kirin and I went to find the Yaguda's that we needed to kill for Giddeus chest key. We get it at the second fight. But it took us forever to find the proper Yaguda's. I get it. Then we head back to Windh to complete the 2-3 task. I am tired. It's really late. So I go to mog house in Windh and shut down. Day 2 - Last Interval: I log on to go finish of Mission 2-3 and Kazaam quest. I'm still in Windh. I join the culinary guild. I then warp to Jeuno. I finish Kazham quest. Then I chocobo it to San.D.. Then I finish off mission 2-3. I then chocobo it back to Jeuno. However, my chocobo tossed me off in middle of Battalia Downs. That's an area way too high at my level. So I had to use my instant warp scroll. Anyhow, I got back to Jeuno safe and alive. I go to log off in Jeuno. I will now be partying in Kazaam until level 32/33.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still RDM - Level 25 - Rank 2

Played: 4 hrs Got on to get some buffer experience points. I say hi to my ls. They are all on. Inchi is getting married on game still. I'm in Jeuno, so I buy 2 scrolls: Invisible & Sleep. I then meet Kirinkage in Battalia Downs to see if I can kill stuff. I attack a sapling, decent challenge. It nearly killed me. I made it by the skin of my teeth. So we went to Rolanberry Field. We level synced to kill couple of wasps. We then decide to do party in Qufim. I find a WHM, WAR, MNK, PLD, and DRG. WHM, WAR and PLD was from my ls. WHM was in V. Dunes. Kirinkage went to meet her at Jugner Entrance. She was a difficult person to escort to Jeuno. Lol. We are waiting & waiting for them to get to Qufim. We were at Qufim's Delkfourt Tower. They finally make it. After 3 to 4 fights, MNK & WHM had to leave. I replaced WHM with the WAR already in party. He went & changed jobs. I got another 2 more WAR. Both from my ls's. We decide to go in the Tower. I get the longest cut scene ever. We then fight Giga's, bats and gobs. We head to second floor. In Qufim Tower There we encountered a NM Giga as well as a regular Giga. Everyone is dying. I notice WHM died so I decided to zone. I was the only one left alive. Of course I ran right into a Seeker Bat and they aggro'd me. I was so close to zone when I died by bat. I hp to temp mog house. Then I go to Qufim Tower again to OP warp back to Sandy. In San.D., I start Mission 2-3 so I can get to Rank 3. I then line up everyone to help kill Dragon in Windh. this weekend. This is my plan. I head to Bastok first. I get the tele-crystal, I get Bastok chest key for Kazam quest and then do 2-3 work in Bastok. Then I go to Windh. There, I get tele-crystal, Windh. chest key for Kazam quest and do 2-3 work. This is where I need party to fight Dragon. Then I go back to San.D. to finish 2-3 quest and then to Jeuno to get my Kazam pass. That is a lot of work. Before I log out, Inchi and his "fiance" was talking way too cutsey for my liking so I had to tease him. She is now in our LS. After teasing, I log.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

RDM - Level 25 - Rank 2

Played: 2 hours First I want to show you what I found on Youtube. It's the actual music from the game. I get on and say hi to everyone. Olibhear passed me. He's level 27 now. And Inchigo is getting married in the game. All that hitting on me was a farce, lol. So I asked Oli if he wanted to be my date. He said sure. Then I get a level sync party. It's the new feature that was added on Monday's update. You can party with any level person, but exp level will be met at one level set by party leader. The down side of this is that if you have higher level spells than level cap, you can't use it. The best side is the exp points. We took on worms to clippers and the lowest exp I got was 189. So I leveled to 25 pretty quickly. I disbanded because the party sucked. The arrangement wasn't great, but we had 2 powerlevelers. They wouldn't let me heal for mp. So I melee'd a lot. After I disbanded I went back to Jeuno into the auction house and bought 2 spells: Blizzard and Blink. I then head back to Mog to log off.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Fudge in Ghelsba

Played: 3 hours Logged on to go get fame so when I start SMN quest I will have enough to get the avatars when I'm ready. Also, I wanted to skill up my magic skills. I was convinced to powerlevel Zeeone, Fawnaa and Aydan. When I got there, Fawnaa and Zee were dead. Then they start fighting I start curing. This lasted a while. Zeeone died again,so did Fawnaa and Aydan. After a while they got frustrated. I then head back to San.D.. I tell Kirinkage that I will do the Kazam Pass Quest. So I warp to Jeuno to start the quest.I chocobo back to W. Ronf. I meet Kirin on the path. We head to Ghelsba Outpost for the Chestkey. It's a long and ardious road. We make it through to Fort Ghelsba. I see Aristander fighting Orcs also. He's looking for the same chest key. Well I invited him to Kirin and my party. Told him I get the first key and he can get the second key. We fight barely. Kirin fought most. I lot the first key and we fight some more. Second key found, Ari lots it. Then Kirin says, "Let's get the Fudge outta here." We book it out of there. Ari gets aggro'd and I didn't. I usually do. I get back to mog to log off, but I get all immerced in ls chat. Then I log.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

RDM - Level 24 - Rank 2

Played: 4 hours Got on to level RDM, like I promised Olihbear. We plan on getting to 30 together so we both can get SMN. I log on in San.D.. I put all extra stuff into my storage so when I get new stuff I don't loose them because my items are full. I contact Oli. He says he's ready. Told him to meet at Port Jeuno by Qufim entrance. I am still making party while I'm waiting for Oli. I find a THF, WAR, BLM, NIN. We head to Qufim when Oli arrives. We stay in path killing worms until whole party is together. Then Oli had to leave abruptly & so did NIN. I had to find some more people. I find a RDM, Aristander, from my ls {KC}, and another PLD. We fought Giant Trappers (Giga's), Snippers, and anything. On the way to moving camp, I was killed by a Giga while I was curing a party member. I went to homepoint and was going to meet party at new camp, tower. As I got back to my hp, 2 party members were dead. I asked what happened and they said Giga. I totally understood. I head back to Qufim & get to tower. We are waiting for the other 2 party members who died. The PLD died on the way back from Jeuno again. Ari was stuck waiting for a Wight to move. Finally everyone got to tower. We fight anything and everything. We even kill a Wight. I level to 24 from 22, tonight. Woo hoo. Soon, Kazam. I need to start the quest for the Kazam Airship Pass. I tell party I am going to disband because I didn't want ruin their exp. So I fight until I get a cushion. I disband and head to my temporary mog house. I then Chocobo it to San.D. and log off in my own mog house.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Date With Inchigo

Played: 3 hours I get on again to do menial work; cooking craft, selling stuff and write down the spells. I say hello to ls. It was a ghost town. Only me and Inchigo on. So he said was going to level his BLM. It was level 7. He asked if I can party with him. So I asked if was he asking me on a date. He said yeah. So I changed into my THF again. I met him at the gate to W. Ronf. We head to kill in W. ROnf.. I am now expecting big conversation from him. He's all quiet. We kill in silence. He said we should hit LaTheine. We get there. We kill some stuff, then an Orc killed us. We both dead and he's still quiet. He got someone to come raise us and I got someone to come raise us. Both people came at same time. He said his person was going to powerlevel us. I said ok. My person happened to be Titen. He was getting all up in his business. Jealous jerk. Anyway, Inchi got to fighting & I left Titen behind. Photobucket We took strong stuff. Then we got bored. So we headed back to San. D.. He walked me to the door. On the way we bumped into Fawnaa. We exchanged a little chit chat before I got to my mog to log off.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Joining In The Fun

Played: 4 hours I got on again to write out what spells I can use and at what levels. I also want to start to learn how to cook/synthesize. And again I say hello to my ls, KnightsClub. I get a whole lot of hellos, Inchigo, Zeeone, Olibhear and Auska. I'm in Jeuno still. I bump into Zee there. He's bored so he's dancing and all kind of mess around me. He's begging someone to play with him. He says why don't we level new jobs. Oli and I said the only job we are going to want to level is SMN when we get to level 30. That didn't work. He was begging and begging. I finally caved. I said ok. I'll level THF. I want to level THF later because you get good drops. So he invited me to his party and tele-holla'd. We grab chocobos and hi tail it to San.D.. Meanwhile, he's telling Oli to come pl us. He says ok. Then Inchi said he wanted to join in. So Zee changes into PLD/WAR and I change into THF/WHM. Not the best match up, but I wanted MP to cure just in case. Since Zee & I both started same time. So Oli & Inchi makes it to W Ronf to PL us. We start killing. leveling thief 1 We level at the same time. We got to level 5 when we hit LaTheine. leveling thief 3 We took on Saplings, hare, wasps, and sheep. Zeeone kept on dying. I hadn't died at all. Actually I leveled to 6. Zee doesn't like to heal after fights. Oli had to go. So we headed back into W Ronf.. Inchi came with us. He said he will farm in W Ronf.. So Zee decided to take on an Orc when I was not at full power. I used my 2 cures to cure him. He died anyway, then the Orc attacked me. He got couple good shots in & I died. Inchigo raised me and then escorted me back to San.D.. I tell everyone goodnight in ls and log off.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RDM - Level 21 - Rank 2

Played: 4.5 hrs

I get on to jott down the spells my WHM or RDM can use. I told my ls (KnightsClub) hello. I get more of a response than I expect. Zeeone asks me what level my WHM was. I told him 15. He says damn. Then he screams (all caps mind you) YOUR RDM IS LEVEL 20!!! Come party with us in Qufim. I said ok. I am here thinking he was powerleveling us again. I told him ok, but I have to warp over to Jeuno.

By the way, when I logged on my plant has grown. I was able to harvest 12 Gyhazl Grass. Woo hoo! I want to sell it. I wonder how much I can get for it. I didn't have time to clear my items. I warp to Jeuno. I asked Zee if he's going to escort me thru tunnel. At this point still, I'm thinking Zee is powerleveling us. He says of course. Then he invites me to the party. In the party is Zeeone, Fawnaa and Olihbear (again). Party make up: RDM, COR, DNC, PLD, WAR and BLU.

I meet Zee at entrance to Qufim. Fawnaa and Oli was there too. We go thru the tunnel. It was clear sailing. No dancing weapons. We meet with the other person in our party. We go to the pond. pty in qufim We get there without aggro. We kill worms, gobs and snippers. There was one snipper that gave a lot of trouble that actually killed Fawnaa. We kill and we were getting good exp. I leveled to 21. I learned the gravity and regen spells that I had in my item list. Inchigo had stocked me up on rolanberry pies yesterday.

Then night time came and the banshee and wights came out. I told them that the banshee has long range aggro. Zee went and started a fight with a worm. Lo and behold the banshee attacked them. It only killed Oli. Inchigo came and raised him. As we wait for daytime, Fawnaa traded pineapple juice to me that she cooked. That was nice of her.

Day time finally came. We continue on fighting. Between killing we heal. Oli decided to heal near me. In the screen it looks as if he's sitting in my lap. So I ask him why is he sitting in my lap. Oli on Lap Zee screams out that he was a horn dog. So for the rest of the times healing, Oli is in my lap. Then at another point I had Oli, Fawnaa and Zee in my lap.

We fight some more. WAR had to leave. Then we replaced with another BLU then another RDM. There was another point we had to run. Fawnaa, Oli, and BLU died. The other BLU, Zee and myself ran to the tower for safety and for Zee to warp to San.D. To change jobs so he can raise the dead 3. I didn't die once the whole night.

My brother Kirinkage comes to watch and kill the Banshees. We had all jokes. We camp in a passageway towards the end. I tell them that I had to leave at midnight. I didn't get another level. I wish I did. I was having so much fun.

Kirinkage escorted me back to Jeuno. I go to my temporary mog house. I found out I can do my gardening from there. So I don't have to run to San.D.. I can level my WHM from Jeuno by chocobo to Selbina. Woo hoo!