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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Overthrowing The Weekend

I get onnpreparing to fix up my Maat macros. Instead I decided to go to Garlaige Citadel to give Romidant some experience. I haven't calledhim out in a while.

I checked my delivery box in Jeuno before I left and found my Wootz ore sold. It's not as high in price like it used to be. And when I exited the mog house in Port Jeuno my Tuku Whiteshells sold. I'm saving for my overpriced high level gear if I ever get high level. I will be selling all of my low level gear.

Anyway, I jumped off topic again. So I ran off to he Shitadel and met up wih Kirinkage. He was doing his sword trials there. We reach the basement. We party up and start killing. I called Romi out. He got
some new nice gear. Me likes. We kill beetles and pots. Romi leveled to 35 and Kirinkage's Nanako
leveled to 41. If you remember, we both got our NPCs together. He uses her more often than me.

While we were fighting, an old ls mate Lordbrax came on ls to see if anyone could help him with an HNM called Overlord Bag..., something. Big orc wearing gold. I said I would help him when I was finish what I was doing here and getting something to eat.

When all said and done, I go look for LB in Davoi. I get to where he is. It was not as bad getting there with
composure. I'd probably be kicking myself if I didn't have it on. The only familiar face besides LB was Zebrina. More people were coming. LB needed an alliance. Kirin came too when Earthsday was done.

Okay.... so this what had happened right. Lol. It was not the best group of people. Someone got trigger happy and got the HNM on us when we were not even prepared. Some people died, I zoned. Then some other
person got trigger happy again got 2 orcs and a regular NM. People died, I zoned. Now everyone is ready and prepared. They go grab HNM but got like 3 addons. Needless to say, people died, I zoned.

While people were resting, I got mom aggro. I come back and they decide to fight further inside. I don't know if I liked the idea. I mean it was further from zone. So I meet hem at the new camp. Before anyone can say "hi" someone aggro'd the HNM. However, this time we ended up killing HNM and his addons. I was hoping that it would drop a piece of Rianbow cloth but it didn't drop anything worthwhile. So I warped home after fight and logged.

I get on just for dynamis. It was Xarcabard. The run went pretty well. I only died once. Just as I was heading off, BLM and PLD relic dropped. After I completely shutdown the RDM relic hat dropped. Shadee actually got it. I wouldn't even got it if I was still playing. Oh well. Congrats Shadee.

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