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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inside The Volcano

I get on determined to party. I don't let myself get veered off my path. No amount of gil and no coercion to do missions were going to sway me. I did do one thing, though. I went to see if I won anything in the Mog Bonanza. I had bought 2 marbles. So I checked and found I didn't win anything. Oh well there's always next year, if I'm still playing.

Kirinkage was on game too. I convince to party with me as PLD. He told me that Solesiren was trying to start a party too. I convinced her to join mine. With Sole comes Naquel. They are pretty much attached to the hip. So that makes 4 so far: RDM, PLD, WHM, DNC. I just need 2 hard hitting DD's. I see that Titen was looking for party. I get him as DRG. So I need 1 more DD. I was debating between a SAM and DRK. So I sent tells to 3 people. The DRK responded first. This was my first high level party I put together with ease. I chose to go to Mount Zhaylom. I have never partied there.

So we set out there. We started to kick ass. But I was a bit nervous that Titen and Naquel would bump heads. They are both ornery and know-it-alls. For a while it looked like it was brewing, but it suddenly died down. I was happy that everyone got along. Kirin died twice. I used my 2 rings. My enfeebling rose from 200 to 210 without gear. My elemental rose 1 level and my enhancing & healing rose couple levels too. It was a great party. I didn't level though. 6-16-09 I hate the 60s.

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