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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My FFXI Venting - I Really Need To...

There's a lot I want to vent about. Let me list them. 1. I don't want to fight those Damn Birds in Wajaom or Bhaflau Thickets. I mean my job of RDM is to enfeeble the mobs. I have not enfeebled since I turned 61. I'm freekin' 65 now. My skill is low & I have to fight Maat in 2 levels. I need to be partying in Mt Zhaylom against crawlers. As of today, I am only partying in Mt Zhaylom. I'm having my fit. Getting exp is all good and dandy. But I needs my skill ups. I don't want to duo all the time to get my skill ups. Then what are parties for? All the parties what me to do is be a Refresh Queen. I want to Enfeeble. When my enhancing start to out run my enfeebling skill then you know there's a problem. I am not dealing with birds any more. I'm done with them. 2. WTF, Square Enix just announced FFXIV new MMORPG exclusively for the PS3. They need to use that money & just add onto FFXI. Come on man. I just got into this one & you want to add a new one? Shit! Here's the link #1 Here's the link #2 I'm not happy about this at all. 3. F????n' crooks. Someone miraculously came up with my credit card # and charged a lot of shit to my account. I get a call from my cc company to tell me that they denied all charges to account from June 1st-June 2nd. So, after work I decide to go on game to change my card #. I don't have a content ID. Square Enix apparently ran my card on the 1st so they closed my content ID. I had to try to call live chat to change my card #. I get pop up saying I must try again between hours of 8 am and 6 pm. F??? man, I just want to put my new card # in the damn thing and reactivate my content ID. If I lost my levels & gear I would be so mad. I would stop playing. After a half an hour going through every single menu option in PlayOnline viewer, I found area to change card #. I was able to reactivate my ID. But the hastle and the not easy navigation of Viewer left me frustrated during game. I got irritated at every cut scene I had to go through. That's all my frustrations for now. I don't have too many about the game. I love playing. And I love the friends I've made on the game. They actually make the game for me much more appealing.

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