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Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh She's Such a Cute Kitty!!!

I get on to get an exp party so I can make up for the exp I lost by dying twice in Dynamus on Sunday night. I throw my flag up. As I was seeking Frizzlefry said I should come to San D [S] (the means the past). I asked him why. He said so we can do Wings of the Goddess Missions. I said I really need to get some exp because if I die, I would level down. He promised he was going to party & get my level the next day. So I said sure. I head to the past through the maw in E Ronfaure. I meet up with Frizzle in San D [S]. He takes me all over the place having to talk to people. This quest has you working for Elvaan children. They are precocious, ornery and bratty at times. But most kids are like that around that age {7-11}. Anyway, we need to travel but I have 0 allied notes (equivalent to Sanction Points in Whitegate & Conquest in your nations). So Frizzle takes me to get the crackin on getting Allied Notes. I sign up to defend a San D camp, also know as Campaign. So we are in E Ronfaure. While we wait for campaign, Frizzle takes the matter to hunt Orcs. He linked 3 Orcs by time I reached him. He said he going to zone. As I was chasing him. I saw dead body. Not paying attention I thought he zoned & came back in. I saw his health at like 45 so I Cure IV'd him. Low & behold the 3 Orcs were still following him. I figure they forgot my Cure. I went and raised the dead body. As I left the now raised guy, I stepped across the path & 1 of the 3 Orcs came at me. I fought a valiant battle and died and then leveldowned. Frizzle cried. He ran back to Castle & changed jobs to come Raise 2me. He raised me. He stayed around me until my weakened level came off. 6-15-09 2 I got my level back after the raise. So now Frizz had a vendetta agaainst orcs. We fought orcs until Campaign started. By time Campaign started Kirinkage joined us. We drove the invading forces back. It was quick, but I got 159 allied notes, but when I went back to get evaluated I got 403 more. Yay!! So now can finish the NM fight in Jugner. Basically 2 of the kids thought they were strong & 2 Orcs found them and was going to have them for dinner. I had to go rescue the Elvaan children. I got to ride a nice Black Chocobo to Jugner. 6-15-09 1 The fight was pretty quick. We head back to San D to try to talk to gate guard that leads to North San D [S]. Kirin & I didn't get cutscene, so Frizzle said to head to a Maw in Battalia Downs. I click on the Maw and get a cut scene. Why is it that all cat creatures in the game talks a lot when it comes to cut scenes? The Mithra in Whitegate, the Mithra in Norg, now Cait Sith. Why? Anyway I got thru the cutscene without tearing my hair off. I can say Cait Sith is sooooo cute tho. Absolutely adorable. Now I'm on the next Mission for WOTG. I got a groovy title too......not. It's time to log, so Frizzle takes me to the teleport guy. I get back to San D [S]. I run to the Maw & head home to San D. And shut down.

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