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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Holla'd Out The Promy

COP day again. This time it's me, Kirinkage, Loquat, Frizzlefry, Sketch and Charion. Everyone was on time except for Charion. We were supposed to start at 9 PM. We didn't get to start until 10 pm. Then we finally got everyone together & went in. I died when I got aggro'd and they all left me, lol. But they were getting massacred too. I got raised and continued up the floors. Frizzlefry died too. It was just an annoying trip to the boss. We get to the boss. Our frustrations were showing, but we hunker down. We discuss strategy as we rested up from an annoying journey. We go in. We buff up. We poison ourselves. I'm casting cures & slows. To the point I couldn't cast anymore because I don't have any more mp. I take my grape juice found a corner to heal a bit. I get up to heal when I can afford to. The last time I get up I was about to heal someone, but as I started to cast, the creature, buckled under its weight and died. WE WON!!!!!!!! 6-20-09 Frizzle, Sketch & Kirin were instantly teleported to Lufaise Meadow. The rest of us mages were teleported out of Promy and ended up outside the Tele-Crag. That was 1/1 tries for Holla. Mea was 1/6 tries. DEM is next weekend. I hope we get 1/1 there too.

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