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Sunday, June 7, 2009

On The Road to becoming a High Level Player!

Day 1 I get on and get an offer to powerlevel a party when I threw my seek flag up for a party. Cool. I meet up the party at lizard camp in Dunes, then we went to the cliff, then we went to the oasis. I kind of got bored after a while. Kirinkage came to help me for a split second. By time he came, he got a party and left. I think I was powerleveling for 2 hours. Starfirex from my CB came to check me out. He/She (I really don't know) told me that he/she always thought I was a Mithra because of my name. Lol, that would be too cliche. Thesage was doing nothing and I convinced him to come to the Dunes to give me what he told me he had for me. Of course he didn't remember what it was so I had to give him hints. He did come though. I wanted him to rescue me from powerleveling. I was getting distractedly bored. I was slipping on the healing. I got 40k in gil from the guy who contacted. I got Rhelic from CB to replace me as powerleveler. I know he is looking to earn so gil too. When Thesage came, we walked to Selbina. He traded me a pearl to his linkshell. We pal around Selbina for a minute. He warped me home, but we still kept party to chat in. I also got a tell from Envoy. He want to show me his completed Relic weapon, along with the exclusive weapon skill. So when he arrived in San D, I invited him to party. Then we, Envoy & I went into E Ronf to show me the weapon skill against a poor defenseless rabbit. Day 2 Today was all about getting skill ups & running errands or so I thought. I get on to find out Beseiged is going to start. Yay!!!! So I hightailed it to Whitegate to find a party for Beseiged. I get a party with Mnace, his sister Devilishangel, Kneeru and some other CB members. However, it was a good 20 mins before Beseiged started. During this time, there was this huge argument via shouts in Al Zahbi. It was hilarious. This little Taru named Sippykupp was complaining about Beseiged taking too long, then someone had to make a remark that set Sippy off. That was a 20 min argument, lol. It was the best. Had all of us cracking up. Sippy ended up in an alliance with my party. I had a good beseiged, I only died 3 times. At the end I got 1558 experience. Beseiged ends. What to do? Envoy sent me a tell asking me if I was busy. I said I just finished Beseiged. He said he was free for a short while and if I needed anything done. I said sure. I need the staging point for Mount Zhalyom. If I'm going to try to party there, I need to get the staging point. So he invited me into his party. We take chocobo to Bhaflau Thickets. Go thru a tunnel. He casts escape, then he tells me to sneak & invis. Couple of seconds later we are at the staging point. That was mad fast. After a few mins he had to go. I threw up my seek sign hoping to get a party for an hour at least before linkshell event. I do get one with Thesage in Aydeewa Subterrane. We killed crawlers & spiders. We weren't making a whole lot of exp on each but we were chaining like crazy. The people seemed really nice. I would party with them again, but alas I forgot their names. Once it was really close to my linkshell event, I had to leave. I wished them well. I go to the Mea telecrag cause we gonna take another stab at finishing COP-Mea. All who came were Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Cyre, Loquat, Sketch, and Charion. That made 7 of us. So we decided to have the BLMs (Cyre & Charion) take turns. So we head on our way once everyone was together. We formed an alliance. Somehow in climbing the floors we lost Cyre & Charion. Then we saw them somewhere we had no access to. We spent like 2 hours trying to get everyone together. Cyre escaped and reentered, but Charion couldn't escape with him since he was not in the same party as Cyre. So Charion was left on the otherside & we got Cyre. Then Charion died. So we just told him to hp and we'll get him on the next run. So now we got everyone together. Tempers were short. We get to boss. We go in. We won on the first try. Hot damn. I even got 1500 experience. We were ecstatic. We left all happy. Cyre escaped us. Frizzle said a Beseiged is starting in 20 mins. I said I'm going, so was Frizzle and Cyre. So we head on choco to the closest OP so we can teleport home & tele to Whitegate for Beseiged. We got there in time. I got 3 other people to join party. I skilled up and got 781 experience. Overall today was an excellent night. I got a lot accomplished.

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