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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Beat My All Time Record!!!

Day 1 (Monday) Got on to party. Needed exp from the multiple deaths in San D dynamus. I get a party of 4 easily. Got PLD (Frizzlefry), WAR (Inchigo), DRG (Kirinkage), RDM (myself). I was able to pick up 2 more people: WHM (Phaet) and RNG (Masta). We debated on where to party for a while. Then we decided to go to Bibiki Bay! Side Note: Phaet was the guy who sent me tell months ago that he liked my blog. The one I was so happy about that I gave him a big shout out in my blog. Let's get back to what I was saying. We get to Bibiki Bay and we take on the Grey looking Akabas, lol. The bird. No issues with birds here, I can enfeeble them. During the party I enfeebled, enhanced,and helped heal. The RNG had to leave, so he left. 6-23-09 I replaced him with a THF. We continue. Photobucket I level to 67. Yay!!! I realize at some point it's late & I have to go. I tried looking for a replacement RDM. None available so I got a BLM/RDM, Vourant, my friend. Frizzle had to go to, but Kirin replaced him as PLD. Kirin replaced himself with a SAM and Inchigo replaced himself with a MNK. I warp home and log. I just have to say, Taru's look so frickin' cute meleeing or dd'ing. Absolutely adorable, I get the fuzzy feeling when I see them. Day 2 (today) I get on because I need to farm. I get on, all farming areas are not owned by San D. So I decided to do FOV in Latheine with SMN. I changed and spoke with Kakida. He was farming. I told him what I was doing so he hooked me up with a party in Latheine, a married couple. They've been playing for 6 weeks. The husband died twice I think. In the fight the last time husband died(Sorry I don't remember name, I think it ends with Leigh and starts with G)the gob killed Carby. I was down to 10 hp I cured myself, brought out Shiva when I only had like 50 mp left. I was back to 10 HP and Shiva saved my life and the wife's life too (I don't remember any part of her name). I did level to 12 with SMN. So that was good too. So I had 30 mins left and we all just used headed home to San D. I decided to clean house and sell stuff. I sell what I could in San D. I then warped to Whitegate to put things on auction there. As I was going between AH and mog house in Whitegate, Inchigo told me that Beseiged was starting. I invited him to my party and then headed to Beseiged. This is where I broke my all time record. My elemental went up. My dark went up. Inchi died like 6 - 7 times. He's kinda too low for Beseiged. He was 60 DRG. Me... I DID NOT die at all. I was hit a lot but never died. And I was in middle of the action too. I wasn't cowering in some small place casting spells. The hydra kept dragging me in and weighing me down. I so happy I got erase. He did it to me like 4 times. Yay!!! No death to me. Now I logged off in whitegate a whole hour later than my estimated 30 mins. I hope my stuff sells on AH.

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Aren said...

Woot! Another shout out! That was a great party, I enjoyed myself. It's a shame the EXP wasn't faster, but it's an old camp, and before the inception of Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas and Sanction experience bonuses. We did well, and you weren't so shabby, yourself. =)

Hope to party with you again soon!