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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My 1st Dynamis Win!!!!

I get on today to help someone for LB1, but he never logged on. So I was going to farm. As I was preparing, I get a tell from Kakida saying he's in a party to unlock BLU. I said sure, since I already had the Dangruf Stone for the quest. So I meet Kakida in Whitegate. Told him to invite me. As I was talking to quest guy, he said he'll tell the party leader but right now he's caught in Beseiged. Damn! I hurry and finish the questions from quest guy so I can run to Beseiged. Just as I entered Beseiged it finished. That blew. So I run and find Kakida, show him where to go. I eventually got into the party. We had to zone & then wait one game day before we could do anything. Then we had to speak to guy again. I was told I needed Valkrum Sunsand & not the Dangruf Stone. Damn it. So I run to AH to buy sand from AH. There were only 2. So a guy named Eightbit and myself got the sand. Some people got the Stone. However the stone is not sellable or tradable. So I took the sand needed guys to Dunes while Eightbit took the stone guys to Dangruff Wadi. We (4 of us) stood around Dunes waiting for Sand storm took place. We were there for at least 1.5 hrs waiting. I had to leave them by 5:30 for Dynamis. I also had to give a pearl to LS for a ls member's friend in Qufim. I go thru Qufim looking for LS member & traded pearl to friend. And I went on my merry way. New guy seems to be an utter noob, though. He says he got Carbuncle's Ruby & want to unlock SMN. He asked how to go about it. At least 4 of us told him how. He was still confused. So I had to get out of LS to my Dynamis LS. I boarded Airship to Bastok in Jeuno with Minibasta who is the record keeper of the Dynamus LS. So I am heading Dynamis, my first ever. I'm with the Dynamis LS - NewGenerationX. Yay!!! So in Bastok, we get into our parties & alliances. We head into the zone. Guess what happened? My game froze during teleportation. I had to restart my system. Luckily when I logged back in, I was in the zone. We start a fighting. It's lots of fighting. I died twice. Not bad for a newbie (there's a great difference between noobie & newbie all the gamers will tell you so). Towards the end, we had only 3 minutes left to kill the boss. It was only nuking damage to kill boss. Melee resistent. I used my 2 hour ChainSpell & sent off nukes. We did it. We killed the boss in time. I then clicked on the ??? and got my key item. During run, one of my relic gear dropped. I couldn't get it because there were other RDM's ahead of me in point system. Photobucket Overall it was a fun experience, especially that I had a lot of friends in the linkshell. I will try dynamis with Reborn this week.

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