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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Took On San D Then They Kicked My Ass

Ok, I get on just to do Dynamus yesterday. We were doing San D. We meet in S San D. We encountered a little problem. Another linkshell was trying to do same area too. We got them to reschedule. So we gather into parties. Since there wasn't a WHM in my party, I had to do both RDM and WHM jobs. However, we did have a BRD/WHM in party too. So it was cool. We enter zone. The DD's & Tanks kill I heal, bio, and enhance. We do so well I didn't realize we were getting ready for big boss. This is where I get to NUKE. Yay!!! All the DD's & Tanks stay out of our way. We killed it. But guess what!?! I didn't die at all before the boss. But we weren't getting any relic drops either. So we had 20 minutes left in zone. So the leaders decide we were going to farm the area. I don't know why I had a bad omen, but I did. The puller came back with at least 6 mobs. There was one point, everyone in my alliance was dead except for me & BRD. 6-21-09 That didn't last very long. So I died. I kept reraise on all the time. I died another 2 times throughout the rest of the 20 minutes. The puller keeps pulling too many mobs; more than we can handle. I got killed in my hidey hole I found. It was too much. It look like I was going to die a 4th time but we ran out of time and we were kicked out of the area. Yes. So I've been to 2 Dynamis events & we won both times. Yay!!!

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