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Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Been Awhile... I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I haven't been posting my adventures lately. I usually blog my adventures during lunch time at work, but work has been ridiculously busy. With all the stuff going at work,I have accomplished a lot in game. I will try to remember everything I've accomplished. My time was fulfilling and exciting. My linkshell is getting ever popular. I've met a lot of people. Apparently a lot of people have found me. I am getting a lot of tells in games saying they like my blog.

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it.

Okay, let's get onto the game stuff. It's been a great few weeks.

We did Dynamis Jeuno on the June 27th. This is like my 3rd Dynamis run. We've been really successful on my runs. I haven't gotten any gear yet. I've don't have enough points yet. However, we won this run. As we congregated to enter, Titen sent me a tell. He had me buy some expensive shit on the AH. He gave me the gil for it. But now people gonna think I have gil, which I don't. So we head in. My console didn't freeze. We make our way to the boss. We get to AH in the zone and we killed the boss. Yay us BLMs & RDMs. I survived the win. However, we still have time, so we decided to farm. Well we got slaughtered. They pull way too many mobs that we can't handle. When both alliances are annihilated you know it's bad. This happened twice before we called it a day. 7-5-09 2

Kainbelmont wanted me, Kirinkage & Frizzlefry to do Sand'Oria rank missions. So we got together and conquered missions 6-1 and 6-2 that gave us Rank 7 and some really good gil. We fight some sort of fish I think in middle of a pond in West Altepa and running around. Now we need to get our rank points filled to start 7-1 & 7-2.

Sat June 27th we attempted to do COP Promyvian-DEM. We got Loquat, Charion, Sketch, myself, Kakida and someone else that I can't remember. We get thru all the floors with 2 deaths, me & Loquat, but when we finally got to the spire, Kakida fell asleep. So we had to call it a night. We couldn't do the boss fight without a damage dealer. So we left. We made the second attempt July 5th. We had me, Loquat, Charion, Phaet, Frizzlefry and Kakida again. We made it up to spire with 3 deaths, me, Kakida and Loquat. Thank goodness we don't lose experience. We go in the first time, we all died. We made a second attempt. I pretty much kited the add-ons for the mobs. And then we won while I was kiting the add-ons. Yay!!!! Loquat & I got transported to Lufaise Meadows. Our first time there. Yay!! Frizzy met us there and walked us to Tavanzian Stronghold. 7-5-09 3 7-5-09 1

Once in Tav, we did quest to get map for the area. It was pretty easy with Frizz leading the way. Had to find a hairpin on one of the top floors. So now, whenever I go there, I will know where I'm going. Yay!! Can't wait to do the supply run there when San D owns it again. I don't even know how to get there, much less what I should do in that area.

Theid wanted to get his AF head for his DRG, so he had to go to Temple of Uppleiah or as I call it Ugglapugala. He was asking for help so Kain decided to have Frizz, me, Loquat, Sketch & Kirin start Zilart Mission 4. So we go into the temple, kill stuff for AF and to get lantern for ZM4. Then on July 2nd, we went back to light the lantern & kill NM for mission. In the end I get back my lantern.

Did some partying to level RDM as much as possible. I was able to get level 69 with at least a 2 death buffer. Meaning I only had 6k into the level. I need 32k to get to 70. Can you believe it? I'm almost 70. Everyone complained that the 60s were a bitch to go thru. It wasn't so much of a bitch to me if you exclude the amount of exp you need to get to each level. I got a lot of parties throughout the 60s.

I also started ZM5 with Frizzle & Kain. They've done most of it the day we finished ZM4. So I got my cement tomb item in Behemoth Cavern. I have never been there before. I didn't know the entrance was in Qufim. I am learning things everytime I play.

I also did skilling ups in Beseiged. My favorite place. My dark is now 104. Pretty good. Just gotta raise it another 100 levels. That's the hard thing to do in such a short amount of time. 7-5-09 4

We did Dynamis-Windurst July 5th. We died massively. We didn't even beat the boss. My 6k buffer went to 2k by the end. Thanks to keeping up Reraise. It was horrible. It also broke our winning streak. So far, I have gotten San D, Bastok & Jeuno. Needed Windy to be able to get to other dynamis zones. Hopefully we get to go again this Sunday. My sense of not being defeated is pounding in my head.


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