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Friday, April 10, 2009

I Broke The Summit & Conquered a Maze

I get on to at least try for my AF2 and LB2 . I got Titen to help me with LB2. So we OP to Vhazl. I follow him with Sneak & Invisi on. We get to first creature. I helped out and it took me a little long to cast Dispel cause I had a more important spell to cast, Refresh. So an argument ensued about me and my chat filter. He telling me to have damages show on screen. I don't want them to. If I did, I would've had it there already. On the way to next cave, Kadianna from Clan Belmont asked to join us. I said sure but I had to make sure with Titen. He said it was okay. So we stayed put so she can find us. We hit the second cave. Titen & myself are still arguing. But Kadianna almost got herself killed. So I had to heal her quickly. Titen told her to stay back. Then we make it back to the 3rd cave and I have barely enough mp cause Titen doesn't want to let me heal or give me time to convert. He said we can rest back at the 1st cave. So we trek back to 1st cave so Kadi can get the 1st frigicite. Afterwards, we all warp to home points. I had Jeuno as my homepoint since I was doing the AF3 quest. I ran upstairs to Maat. I break the summit! I am able to level up to 60. Yay! So Titen disappeared to do some of his stuff, so I started Bard Quest. I finished 2 out of the 3 quests. But I really wanted to do AF2 quest with Titen. But he ran off to Qufim. Then Ghostdawg volunteered. I would have both help me but Ghost has Titen blacklisted. So I dropped party with Titen and told him what I was doing and that I would party with him the next day. He called me a "flatleaver". I don't see Ghost as much anymore so I wanted to play with him and the extra benefit is that he doesn't argue with me. So Ghost & I head to Necro. Ghost opened a door and I went thru it. My sneak wore off, but I thought I was far enough away that the stupid skeletons wouldn't detect me. Of course not. I got aggro'd I tried to cast reraise on myself but stupid skeleton kept interrupting me. So I died by Skeleton. I hp'd and came back. Met up with Ghost and we got lost. We had to exit necro & re-enter. We finally found a way into the bottom middle of Necro for coffer. It was quite difficult cause there were folks also switching the doors too. Ghost found the coffer, called me to hurry and he also protected it. He fought skeleton while I opened coffer. I get my old rusty gloves. We head back to Jeuno. He was tired so he logged off in Battalia. I made the rest of rounds for the AF2 quest in Jeuno. All I have to do is go to Vhazl to fight dark spark.

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