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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Getting There... Surely...

I get on to maybe party. To maybe find some people to help me with my coffer for AF4 in Garlaige. I throw my flag up for party. While I was waiting for a party. I spoke with Kakida, Kainbelmont, Cyricbelhart and the gang on ClanBelmont. Titen even contacted me. So as I was talking I decided to try the Eggstravaganza again. This time the moogles were not giving out letter eggs. Oh well. Kainbelmont sent me a tell in game, outside linkshell talk telling me that he read my blog. Oh my goodness. I don't even remember telling him I had a blog. Thank you very much Kain. Titen said he was farming a party. Instead of asking me, he said I must gather together in Whitegate. I get there and got invited to the party. We found out that the chocobo guy in Al Zahbi was kidnapped. That meant we had to run to camp by the ley point. Me, took me forever, since I never had to run there by myself. I'm usually on a chocobo following someone. I got there without aggro. Photobucket We chained really well. Within a half an hour I leveled to 56. My emperor band wears out quickly. However, I had to go an hour later from leveling. I now only have 6k from leveling to 57. Yes! My goal for next time is to get my AF4 from Garlaige Citadel and my AF5 from Castle Oztroja. I'm supposed to be wearing my pants right now at 556. I need 3 people to help me with Garlaige.

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