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Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a Bit Chilly. I Think I Need a Robe.

Got on today to see if I can get help getting my AF5.  I got on ls, Clan Belmont,  to find Kainbelmont free.  I also found Oliphant on. I asked both & they said it was cool. They'll help. Yay!!  So I invite Oli to party and Kain said he'll meet us at Castle Oztroja.  We (Oli & myself) teleport to Meriphitaud Mountains.  Somehow Oli beat me to Oztroja.   I enter, then Oli tells me that Zeeone is coming. I said cool. The more the merrier. I meet up with Kain inside. I was ok on the 1st 2 floors of Oztroja, I think. I didn't even know there were floors here. As we got closer to mob area, I had to cast invisible.  
By time we got to camp, Zee was already invited. He just hadn't gotten to us yet. Kain and I waited for them at camp. They finally made it. We start fighting all these Yagudos for my key. Kill after kill, no key. Then Ghostdawg finally joined us. We fought and fought. Zee got his MNK's testimony. But we got like 4 of them. We also got like 4 BRD testimonies, 1 BLM testimony and tons of BRD scrolls. We even got 4 judgement keys that allows you to access the upper floors of Oztroja. We fought I think for 2 hours before a key finally dropped. Good thing map said there were 2 coffer spots close to camp. I put on invisible and tried 1st spot, no coffer. I tried 2nd spot, yes coffer. But it was surrounded by 2 Yags. Oli & Zee came to distract them so I could open coffer. Yay!!!!!! I got my robe. I can't wear it until level 58 though.  Kain had to leave so he warped and logged. Ghost went to finish some latent something or another. So I helped Zee & Oli in their fights. They took down 1 of the 2. As we fought the 2nd, I died. I was going to resurrect but Oli died, then so did Zee. The Yag didn't despawn so if I got up he was going to smack me and I would be dead again.  I told Ghost that I was going to hp since I was dead and he wasn't.  
But all it's worth, I got my AF5. All that's left is AF6, my pimp hat.  I had a good time. I raised my magic skills, see status updates. I got exp points but I used them up when I died and hp'd.  So next up, party!!!! 
Yeah baby!

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Anonymous said...

hey I can't wait to party with you.


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