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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frozen Hell to Arabian Knights

Got on like I promised Titen. I started talking to folks on my linkshell, Clan Belmont. Someone asked me what I was going to do. I said I wanted to finish my AF3. Demicus volunteered to help me. So I meet him in N San D by teleport guy. We teleported to Xarcabard (Vhazl) and high tailed it to Vhazl Baileys to fight Dark Spark NM. We did it pretty smoothly and fast. After fight, I get my item and we both warped out. I had set my homepoint to Jeuno just for this reason. I ran to Port Jeuno and got my gloves!!!! Yay!! It all took 20 mins. That's the fastest I've ever accomplished something. So now I check my friends list to see if Titen is on. He is. I contact him. And of course, we get into an argument. He called me a liar because "supposedly I said I was going to do something & I didn't" I promised to party with him today. That's why I contacted him. Then he goes how he saw me get my AF3. I said yeah. It only took me 20 mins. Then he complained that how come he can't party with my friends. I said there's isn't any reason he can't unless I'm with Ghostdawg. He asked me why and I told him that he has him blacklisted. Then he retorts that he can't please everyone. I don't need him to please anyone. So I asked do you still want to party, he said no he's busy. So I left him alone. So I just contacted Inchigo, who was on by the way. We decided to duo together in Kuftal Tunnel. We did really well until Inchi got disconnected which left me to die. I can't even scratch those crabs. During the time I tried out composure, my new job ability thanks to the April update. Photobucket I hp'd once I died. I had set my hp back to San D. Good thing. Once back in San D, I throw my seek party flag up. It's time to get some experience going. So while I wait, I decided to parrticipate in the eggstravaganza event. There was a mass of people around the event moogle. It was crazy. The lag was ridiculous. People was just appearing spontaneously. I didn't get anything but an "I" egg. There were egg sellers too. People just capitalizing on the event, lol. Photobucket After a while, I got a party invite for Wajoom Woodlands. It was a pretty cool party. I was able to level to 55 in this party. Ghostdawg joined my party for a while. I somehow became lead again. After a while I got sleepy. I told everyone I had to go because at that point I could barely keep my eyes open. The party disbanded. I warped out of Wajoom and logged for the night. Photobucket Today was a very productive day. I got my AF3 and I leveled. Not bad.

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