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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Hate Necro - Maze of Hell

I get on to do my AF3 (my AF hands). I get help from Inchigo. So I met him in Upper Jeuno. We head off to Eldieme Necropolus a.k.a. Necro. We head into the entrance located closest to Jeuno in Battalia Downs. So I cast sneak & invisible until we get to a spot we can pull the mob that drops my coffer key. So this is how this quest supposed to go: Necro for Coffer & get some raggedy gloves -> Jeuno to search for ??? near AH & talk to some NPCs -> Vhazl to fight NM Dark spark -> Jeuno to complete. Back to what I was saying, we (Inchi & myself) are at the spot to fight mob. After 3 fights the key drops. Yay! Not bad. It was pretty easy, no drops. Since previously I've never had any issues finding coffers before, so I believe this part would be a breeze. I could've had my AF pants already if I had the key. I found the coffer in Garlaige. Anyway I moved off topic again. So Inchi & myself went hunting together for this coffer. We got lost so we had to exit and re-enter the Necro. So we get in, I tell him there's a couple of coffers on the top floor. So I go to the first location. A door is in the way. I go to the next location, another door in my way. I go to the third location, another got'damn door. Then the 4th location, which was miraculously not behind the door, however, someone must've seen it and took it. That means I have to go find out where it could reappear. So Inchi and I dropped to the basement of this place. That's when we got separated. I went my way he went another. I did well by myself with sneak & invisi up. I went to 2 known locations, but the coffers were not there. Then I headed towards a 3rd location, no coffer. Then I couldn't go back from where I came. I had to exit the Necro again and re-enter. Inchi had no luck and then told me there's a lot of RDMs in Necro currently. S.O.B.! Damn RDMs. Did they have to be here when I came? That's why I can't get a coffer. Too much competition. Inchi was hungry & I was tired so we decide to head back to Jeuno. While Inchi ate, I decided to try again. No luck. Oh well, I knew the game was going to get a whole lot harder. I just refused to see it. Oh well. I get disgruntled & logged off for the night.

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