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Sunday, April 26, 2009

About To Graduate from Pimp College

I get on to play. I mean to level. I want 58 so bad. So I put up my party flag when I got on. I got a party invite immediately. I warp immediately to Whitegate. I get into party. I am like the 3rd person in party. I get sanction. It's still only 3 people. So I sit down by sanction guy. I'm just chilling waiting for party to get on with it. I then get this tell from some dude named Envoy, "You got to change your bazaar comment". I respond ok. Then he goes on to say "It says your level 53 and your 56. As I change it, I say thank you. Then he starts chatting me up. He's very funny. The party says they found a tank. So I make my way to chocobo guy. So does one of the SAM. We sit there waiting again because the tank had to leave. This was getting very frustrating. However, new guy is trying to get me to leave party to come powerlevel him in Saramoungue Champaign. I was thinking about it too. But we found a replacement for the tank. By time we were ready to head out, the main camps were taken. So we started off at a camp in location F-9. We do well. I was still talking with Envoy at the same time. We were missing one of our 6. He was still in Whitegate. So I convinced Envoy to come to the party. He came as WAR. By time he arrived, we changed camp, don't remember location, but it's close to the leypoint. So we get to chaining birds. I level to 57 really quickly. 4-26-09 2 Envoy was still chatting me up. He's funny. we chain so more. Then the tank, sam, and Envoy had to leave. Somehow, I got caught with leader role again. I get a BRD, & 2 DRG. One of the DRG was named Thesage. So we ready to rock, but Thesage is being all quiet. We thought he was afk (away from keyboard), but then he responds, "Oh, I was just reading someone's blog :P". W get down to busines. We killing left and right. we even moved camp again. This time to ley point. As we are fighting Thesage is chatting me up as well as Envoy. Then it hits like 1:00 am. My eyes were burning me. I had to go, but I only had 1.1k left to level to 58 and I so wanted to wear my robe so I can cover my ass. So I braved it and stuck it out. I level and I put on my robe immediately. Yay!!!!! 4-26-09 I warped home. I barely shut down game before I fell asleep.

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