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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Wears Short Shorts?

This is my 100th post. Congratulations to me!! I never thought I'd still be doing this blog. I do get bored of things after awhile. I barely post to my more personal blog.  Those who read this blog, thank you very much. 
I get on to see if there's any help for me today on doing AF4, Warlock Tights. Kainbelmont was in a party. Ghostdawg was going to do an avatar battle. I found Oliphant. He was free. But we needed 2 more for the coffer. So we decide to just try for the coffer key.  So we meet up at Garlaige Citadel.  We run off to basement. We found the mobs that were necessary. We fight one. No key. We fight second, no key. That went on for a while, no key. Kainbelmont eventually joined us. So three of us are killing without any luck. Then Kadianna joined us also.  We continue to fight too. No key.  Unfortunately, Kadi died I believe 2 times. 
Then 2 random guys invited us to their party to help us with key. We fought forever. But alas we prevailed. I got key! Finally. The 2 random people left party and the 4 of us decided to do coffer. So we head upstairs to gates. We go thru gate #1. Then we tried to go thru gate #2, but Kadi & I missed the door. Damn droma was blocking my exit.  Now Oli & Kain are on other side of door. Oli & Kain somehow got back onto our side & we tried it again. We all make it thru. We go to first area for coffer, no coffer. Second area, no coffer. Third area...... Yes!! Coffer Found It.  I tried to open then got aggro'd by beetle. The others took care of beetle while I opened coffer. Yay! I got my Tights. I immediately put them on.  Kain was the greatest by warping us home. 
I go into my mog house to check myself out.  I am wearing some really short shorts, with lace on the sides. I feel utterly naked.
I think I should just go get my AF5 next so I can just concentrate on partying. I may also start LB3 (limit break 3) so I can get to 65.

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