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Monday, March 30, 2009

Got'Damn 50s

I get on because I have to level. I have this determination to just level. I can't stand this 5 digit exp needed to level now that I hit my 50s. Hell, I need 11,200 to get to level 55. Got'damn it. However, I'm not in the mood to create a party. I want to be invited. So I throw my seek flag up and wait. I got a bite. This guy Voldus asks me to party, level sync 52. Yes!. At least it was at an acceptable level. I will not sync below 51. I absolutely refuse to. I have to be on point to get my proper skill ups so I can face Maat with my skills capped. Anyway, I ask where to gather, he says Whitegate. I teleport there ($300). I get my sanction and ready to head out to Wajoom. Then to find out we will be going to Kuftal Tunnel. SOB!!! Now I have to use my warp scroll to get back to San D to get my Signet back. Damn. So I tell party to let me know when they are ready to go to Kuftal cause I'll OP to Cape Terrigan which is right by camp in Kuftal Tunnel. Then they said we weren't going to party that way. They said to gather in E Altpa. I OP there ($900). Then they said Oh we should party at the Terrigan zone. SOB. I OP back to San D ($900). Then I OP to Cape Terrigan ($1500). This is one expensive trip. I better level!!!!!!! I get in tunnel. There's a party already at our camp. So we have to party in middle of tunnel. Remind you, I do not have a map for this place. I should come back here, to get map. Anyway, someone had to find me and escort me, because my travels in there, I found Tigers, stairs, cactus men, elements and shit. I stay at camp. We party for 2 hrs. I used my emperor band. I didn't even come close to leveling. Got'damn 50s. I still have like 4k or more to go before I hit 55. Then I definitely have to hit up my gloves, pants & LB2. grumble... Got'damn 50s

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Miayoko said...

=( *hugs* just stick with it hun I used to play on siren lol seems like a lots changed but overall =D just stick with it its so much better at 70+ (I tried giving up many times in my 50's)