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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Did I Become Lead?

Okay I get on to party. I throw my seek flag up. I chill for at least 10 mins no invite. Damn. I'm bored. I decide to farm. But where. I was going to farm in Zi'Tah but it was beast owned so I decided to go to an oldie but goodie; Buburimi Pennisula, the beach. So I OP there and start a killing. Those leeches were dying really quick: 1 spell and 2 sword strikes they're dead. I had no competition. The beach was bare except for leeches, crabs and et al. So I got like 2 stacks of blood before my buddy, Ghostdawg, ask me to do the big favor. Yes, you guessed it. To raise his party. I get to Qufim and I find more than his party dead. A whole other party was dead. I raised what I could. Since I really didn't have much to do, I just followed his party around Qufim. I sold my stacks of blood there too. I went afk to eat. I came back no invite. I sit around some more. Killed a Wight to save a party. Then finally, I get a party invite in Whitegate area. I tell Ghost bye and I warp to Whitegate. When I arrive I tell person to invite me. I meet all by the chocobo's in Al Zahbi. We head to Wajoom Woodlands. I am the lowest person there. Level sync was to 56. I'm 53. I complained of course that I hope that I don't get gimped on exp because, I'm going to leave if I am. The SAM assured me I would get proper exp. After first fight without an exp ring on, I got 158 exp. So I didn't leave. I put my anniversary ring on too. However, after the 1st fight, our PLD disconnected. So now we down to 5 of us. So SAM said he knew a tank to contact. So he started contacting people. Then I look at party list and low & behold, I was tagged as lead. WTF? So I now have to look for a rep for PLD. So we continue on as 5 people. We do well. We just can't chain. Within 6 to 10 more fights I level to 54. Yay! I look at the time, I have to leave in like 30 mins so I was looking for a rep for the tank & for me now. I informed the party that I couldn't find a rep for tank yet. And I would have to leave in 15 mins. So the party decided to call it quits after 15 mins. Once the party disbanded, I chocobo'd back to Whitegate and tele'd to Jeuno. Only bad thing is I don't have my hands yet. But since I was in Jeuno, I started LB2 quest. I have to go Xarcabard to kill 3 NM and collect frigicites. I heard I need 3 level 70+ people to help. I'm glad I have Ghost & Inchigo. Now I need to find a 3rd.

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