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Monday, March 16, 2009

In The Company Of Ghost

So since I retired WHM, I am gong ho about leveling RDM. However, I don't get any invites. But I still need to skill up despaerately. My elemental is low and my dark is ridiculously low. I think it's like 30 now. When I started to skill up couple of week it was 9. So I decide to skill up. My road dog. My buddy. My Ghostdawg decides he's going to help me skill up. So we meet in E Altepa by OP. However as I get there, my signet wore off. So I ended up heading back to San D to get signet. I op back. We ran off to Quicksand caves. I don't remember if it was the E Altepa or W Altepa side. Anyway, we started killing beetles. Unfortunately, he aggro'd an antican. Eventually we both died. We hp'd. But I didn't want to go back. Photobucket We ended up duo with lowlevel jobs. Ghost, DNC and me, DRG. I meet up with him in Bastok. We run around Gustaberg and Konschtat killing. I took on a tough who I thought was an even-match. He'll I like having Ember around. She kicks ass. Ghost died because he got a link. His friend, from the other night, came and raised him. We played for a little while longer before I logged out. By end the night I leveled from 9 to 11. And I put my harpoon on auction cause I outgrew it. The next time I go on. Ghost said come duoing with me again with your DRG. I said sure. I changed into DRG and got my signet. Then I remembered I didn't have a spear to use. He said he'll get me one. I said okay and I'll meet him in La#heine. So I call out Ember and kicked ass all the way to LaTheine. I just used my fist. I look so cute punching a gob in the face. I get to LaTheine and meet Ghost. He trades me a spear. Then he sits down and crafts. He made me another spear for a higher level. He's so good to me. We fight around LaTheine for rest of the evening. By end of evening I leveled to 13. Ghost did not die. It was a great time. But then again, I always have a great time. Now I am putting Ember back into hibernation for a while. I want to get my RDM moving.

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