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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Staves, Boots and Experience - Oh My

Got on to party. I got 2 party invites. I accepted and backed out of the first on because it was a level sync 48 party. I really need to party at my level. Second party was level sync 50; which was my current level. Yay! I asked how many was there and where we were partying. Find out he had 4 out of 6. I asked Ghostdawg if he wanted to party. He said sure. So I told the leader I had a SAM. He said okay cause he just found a COR. We all meet at Garlaige. Leader transferred lead to me. So we in the basement ready to party. What are we waiting for? For the damn COR to pull. She/he (Mithra) wasn't pulling. Then it said "I'm not pulling . Bullets are expensive." WTF!!!!? Then why be a COR? Makes no sense. You are supposed to pull. Well we are at a standstill because no one else has a long ranged weapon. Anywho (I picked up this expression from Ghost, lol) the dumb COR disconnected. Don't know if on purpose and not. I really didn't care. I found a RNG to pull. We started to fight. Within 4 fights, I leveled to 51. Yay! I get to use staves. So I get to putting them in my macros. It's sweet. I have to make a heal macro though. So I can equip my dark staff. You get like quick mp refresh as you heal. After probably 6 more fights, our DRG leaves. Then the PLD leaves, and then the RNG leaves. I understand why RNG leaves, he died twice. I was able to replace all 3. I got Kirinkage as a PLD, a THF and a BLM. The party commences. I notice that BLM (Diccon) is also using the staves. We started a conversation and I got him on my LS. I level to 52 in party. I can wear my AF boots but I didn't have it with me. I leave party soon after turning. I have, I think, 9k to get to 53 and I have like 2k. Diccon gave me a D2. Back in San D, I bump into Vourant and gave him another pearl. I sold stuff. I put on my boots and log off.

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