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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alas I Have Not Made Too Much Progress

Okay Okay ... I really haven't blogged in 3 days. But I have been on the game. I have tried to level my WHM some more. I have tried to complete open quests. I have tried to get fame raised with the help of my friend Ghostdawg. Before I go into any of that I have to make an announcement. CONGRATULATIONS INCHIGO BEATING MAAT ON 3/10/09 WITH HIS WAR!!!! BANZAI!! But back to my story. I have partied with Ghostdawg in Qufim level sync'd down to 22. It was an annoying a party. The WAR in the game, level 27, didn't know how to provoke mob away when I accidentally steal hate. I went into the red like 3 times. I did level to 34 in the party. I had to raise WAR twice. I raised someone else too. There was another party in our camp. They got blood aggro'd which in turn had our party wiped out. That means I died. I didn't level down, thank goodness. I got a raise and I raised 2 people. The other party apologized and helped raise my party. At that point I warped and logged. I get back on next day to chat only. I found out that I got another weapon skill for the club: Seraph Strike. I didn't know I had. Must've got it the other night in E Altepa. I immediately get a party in Kazham. We head to Yhoator. After a couple of fights, I get disconnected. WTF!! I get back on. I continue to fight, but I need to log off. I get a replacement on the way. Guess what? I get disconnected again!!!!!!!! I didn't even bother to get back on. I get on another time to kill some stupid quests that I had open. I decided to finish Warding off Vampires Quest. So I head to Davoi to kill Orc Cursemakers for Shaman garlic. I was there probably 30 -45 mins and got the 2 I needed. I give it to guy in North San D. Unbeknownst to me I had a new title. I found out when some character sent me a tell saying please don't slay me. WTF?!?! What was that about? I look at my bazaar comment, then I decided to look at my profile. Low and behold, my new title was "Vampire Hunter D-Minus". I have to walk around with this stupid title, now. I was pissed. I get on again and my friend Ghostdawg sends me a tell asking me to raise him. Lol. I warp all the way to Qufim to raise him. It's the least I can do since he's been helping a lot. I raise him and then a Banshee blood aggro'd him and killed him again. I had to shout for a high level player to kill the Banshee cause it was a decent challenge for me, a 34 WHM. It would've kicked my ass. My mom called me away for a minute and a RDM came and raised him & killed the Banshee. Then he uses flee & leaves me after a high level RDM raised him. He had to run to an avatar battle. So I go and OP back to San D, then Inchigo sends me a tell and asks if I can help his friend with mission 2-3 dragon fight. I said sure. So I take boat to Bastok to meet. We go to Parlborough Mines. When we got in to fight, I totally spaced on the level restriction. I was trying to cast sleep II. It wouldn't work and then I had to search my whole list for sleep I. I got whooped on by the dragon before I found it. I slept him & cured myself. I cast some elementals and dragon woke up & whooped me again. But the guys killed it. It was pretty quick. One of the guys gave me a warp cudgel to get home because I left mine home. That was kind of him. I get home and checked my profile. Yay!! I'm "Dark Dragon Slayer" Now I can level without annoyance.

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