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Thursday, March 19, 2009

F?????g Imps

Before I get into my blog about those wretched imps. I want to give thanks to a new found fan of my blog.
Phaet, thanks for reading my blog.
I am so happy to find another fan of my writings and my adventures. Now I came home a little late. I got caught up at Borders. Mmmm Books. Anyway, I jumped off topic. I got on the game a bit late. I was just getting on to sell stuff and organize my mog house. I should be doing that in my real life too. I send my friend Oliphant a tell saying hello. I don't see him very often. He asks if I was in middle of something. I told him nothing really. He asked me for help. I said sure. He's helped me many times before. I had to go to Whitegate. I told him it'll take me at least 1/2 hr to get there. He said okay. I pop on the boat in Mhaura, which I almost missed due to fixing macros and talking to friends. I get on boat and fiddle with my macros as I am talking with Oli and Kirinkage. Kirin volunteered to help us. As I am on boat, beseiged is preparing to start. The boat ride itself is like 20 minutes. I get out of ship barely in time to get a chocobo and get into Wajoom Woodlands. Yes! Just barely man. If I stalled by 2 seconds, I would have been caught in beseiged and would have to walk in Wajoom. No not I.
So Oli, Kirin and I are riding our chocobos in Wajoom until we get to a tunnel. I had to give NPC there some coins to get map and entrance to tunnel. Kirin gave me what I needed. He's a nice brother. But he forgot to get some of his own. So Oli and I have to go in tunnel by ourselves. Kirin said there aren't any mobs in the tunnel. So we run thru this golden tunnels. Then I look for the Immortal to trade my supplies to for mercenary quest. Found him and he told me to go away. He didn't take my supplies. The bastard. However, I go to the staging point. I teleport back to Whitegate. I now have Nyzul staging point, but no Mercenary. Kirin met Oli and me there. So he decide we are going to the hard area with the Imps. He said all the other staging points are just as hard, but imp area covers a shorter distance.
Begrudgenly, we go. We board a ship. We end up in Nashroom (or something like that) and then to Caedvra Myre. In Caedvra, the name just suits the place, we have to take head on passing Imps. They have true sight. Well we did well until we got close to the lake that we have to cross to get to stage point. Well Kirin walks right into Imp. He tries to tank it. It silenced him. I tried to cast silena on him. I cured & cured & cured him. He died, then Oli, and the bastard came after me with one sliver of life left. I died in 1.5 hits. Photobucket I get a raise. I heal for a while. I then raised Kirin. I heal some more for MP. I go to raise Oli. A damn element attacked & killed me while I was casting raise on Oli. So that was 2 deaths for me. Now Kirin is still the only one left. The party, the guy who raised me, Gregor, was in called for help. Kirin came to their aid and he died. I'm still dead. I get a raise from Gargenmoose who happen to be there. I heal again. I go to try to get Oli again. God Damn Imp killed me for a 3rd time. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm dead. Oli's still dead. Gregor is dead. Gargenmoose is gone. Kirin can't raise. Then some guy came and tractored me & Oli. But before he could do that, an Imp killed him, but he had reraise on. Thank goodness. So I got raised again. After weakened I heal me & Oli. Then all 3 of us booked it across the lake. We made sure we didn't touch the water. We finally get to staging point. Yes!!!!
I talk to the Immortal and he took my supplies. But Oli being too quick teleported back to Whitegate without talking to Immortal. After I teleport back and so does Kirin. I have the hardest staging point. Yay. Oli has to go out again. As I was running around Whitegate to finish Mercenary quest, when I get a tell from another character, Phaet. He tells me that he likes my blog. OMG!!!!! Someone other than Ghost & Inchi reads my blog. I am so excited. I get to the chatty mithra and complete mercenary quest. Now I can teleport to Whitegate from San D, Jeuno, and Bastok!!!!
I log off game ecstatic!!!! All in all it was a good night, even with the 3 deaths.

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Anonymous said...

If you think the Azouph Isle staging point was hard just wait til you go for the Ilrusi Atoll staging point...