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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boredom Brought On By Desert Heat.

I got on finally to level WHM. As I turn on my seek flag, I get a party. I leave San D to meet members in Jeuno. We head to Weapon's Camp. Camp was full. We go to Garlaige, camps were full. So we head back to Jeuno to be teleported to East Altepa. We get to camp in E Altepa, close to zone. Great idea. So the party line up is as follows 2 NIN, SCH, BRD, WHM, BST. We had a kick ass time because I really didn't have to heal much. I leveled to 32 in an hour. Since I didn't have to heal much, I was seeing if I could raise my divine skills. I cast Banish every chance I get. I also get to do a little enfeebling. Then people started dropping. We lost SCH, NIN, BRD, and BST. I was able to replace the people with SAM (Ghostdawg), THF, DNC (Naquel), BLM. Then some how someone aggro's a Dhalmel. It killed the BLM, SAM & DNC. The rest of us had to zone. The BLM had to leave. So they left. SAM hp'd to Bastok and fell asleep. I went and rose Naquel. He healed. 3-7-09 I was able to replace BLM with a PUP. I leveled to 33 sometime during all the commotion. I was still skilling up my divine. After a while I just got bored. I hate WHM. It's a boring job. So I started to hit the mobs too, instead of sitting back and casting spells. I got bored to a point I told everyone that I had to leave. All in all the following was accomplished: WHM ->33 Divine -> 33 Club ->30 I have 4 more levels until I complete WHM for subjob. I can't hardly wait.

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