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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still... WHM - Level 9 - Rank 2

Played: 2hrs So I decided this is how I'm going to play FFXI. On the weekdays, I'm going to level WHM and then level RDM on weekends. Weekends I can dedicate time to parties to level up my RDM. So on to my story yesterday. So I get on check on to check my plant. It was the same as the previous day. So I decided to play as WHM. I change jobs & gear. I head out to N. San. D. to cheer & dance Mumor on for the Summer Festival. I get bored really quick. So I head back to S. San. D. to head out to E. Ronf. to kill, lol. I kill some easy prey as I talk to my LS {Forsaken Knights}. This guy Inchigo has been making me laugh. He wants me to come party with him in LaTheine. I tell him, I can't cause I was going to log at 8 pm but will be back on @ 10 pm. However, I did decided to go to W. Ronf. when I saw him there. So, in W. Ronf. I started to head SW to meet where Inchigo was. The area was quiet. All I saw one Orc and one Gob. I checked the Gob which was a decent challenge. I was going to get him but the Orc was in the way. So I decide to kill the Orc to get out of my way. Here how the fighting flow went. 1. I attack Orc 1 2. Gob1 attack me while I'm fighting Orc1 3. I kill Orc1 and I attack Gob1 4. Gob2 attack me while I'm fighting Gob1 5. I kill Gob1 and I attack Gob2 6. Orc2 attack me while I'm fighting Gob2 7. I kill Gob2 and attack Orc2 8. I am still fighting Orc2, when Gob3, Gob4, and Orc3 attack me 9. I die - Son of a B@*$^ I called for help from Inchigo, but he was fighting off his own mob of 4 creatures. I must have been caught in a mob that spawned when I was fighting Gob1. So I go back to my homepoint. When I get there, I find this... Return Home Hurray!!! At least something good was happening while I was playing. It still has more to grow. I am so excited. Maybe I'll get something good.

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