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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My First Trip To Jeuno

Played: 4 hrs Get on to level WHM to 10 again and to finish mission 2-1. I go on the mission again. I freakin die again. It's not fair!!! Kirinkage decides to help me. He kills Fungar I continue on with the mission. Titen ended up coming to help also. I finish the mission. All I have to do is go back to San D and talk to guard. Instead Titen and Krinkage convince me to go to Jeuno. I said okay. Kirin and I join Titen's party. Then we run thru Jugner Forest (again) and thru Battalia Downs. I get to Jeuno. I set as homepoint and I start Chocobo Quest 1 so I can ride the chocobos. I accept quest and then Titen teleports us to Holla. Titen finds chocobo tracks in LaTheine. I get cut scene. I get chocbo. Then we decide to go to San.D.. I finish off mission 2-1 at the guard. Then I go buy an armor box for my level 1 armor. It was starting to get in my way. I meet up with the guys by auction house. Titen warps me back to Jeuno. He and my Kirin do not accompany me back. They are going on their AF quest for Dragoon. Surprisingly we still are linked to party. I go back to Chocobo stables to finish quest and they tell me I have to go back to San.D.. Son of a B. Now I have no way of getting there. I shout for a teleport to Holla. No response. I talk to people in my linkshell. They were no help. I see a guy running wearing RDM AF gear. I asked him for help. He asked me what I need help with. I told him I need a teleport to Holla. He said stay right here, I'm going to change. He came back and had me join his party and he teleported me to Holla. I told him thank you. He warped back to Jeuno. I head to San.D.. I go to Choco stables for ending scene of choco quest 1. I head to guard at gate to W.Ronf to buy warp scroll so I can get back to Jeuno. Somehow Titen finds me and warps me again. He has a knack of finding people. I think he hacks the game I swear. Like he has a homing beckon on me or something. I go back to Brutus at Choco stables. To finish and start new quest. I buy the grass needed. I try to feed the chocobo. He accepted food on 4th try. I go to my temporary mog house in Jeuno and log off.

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