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Friday, August 15, 2008

Valor Kingdom - Linkshell Event

Played: 2 hrs (8/15) I log on to level up my WHM to 10. Instead of doing that, I get called to action to kill a NM in Davoi. So I head with Kirin to Latheine to meet at the entrance to Jugner Forest (JF). I am so under level for this area (Jugner) and Davoi. However, the whole linkshell was there. valor kingdom family portrait We ran thru Jugner with a mass of 13 members. We get to our destination without any issues. The high levels killed everything in sight. I really didn't have to do much. So we camp where the nm pops. I keep my distance since I can't do anything. Next you know, I'm dead. Died by AOE (area of effect). Death at Davoi The NM cast a spell and since I'm so low level on spell killed me. I wasn't mad at all. Just happy that I got to travel somewhere new. I watched the rest of the fight. NM at Davoi Didn't take long. Everyone died. The mages who had reraise on, were killed instantly when they rose. So we all laying dead in Davoi talking. Team leaders keep apologizing for the death. It was no problem since I never leveled down. We all went bank to our homepoint. I log for the day.

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