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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Excellent Day

Played: 4.5 hrs Today I get on as a WHM level 9. I decided to change into RDM level 18. I just felt like it. I wasn't planning on doing anything but participate in the Summer Festival. On my out of my mog house I decide I was going to N. San.D. to cheer Mumor on when Kirinkage asked if I wanted to party. I ask him where he was. He said LaTheine. I told him to wait for me there. He said why? I said because I was too traumatized to go thru there by myself again. He waited for me. I got thru W.Ronf. and into LaTheine. I met up with him and we ran to the Dunes. No Battering Ram!!! We get into the Dunes and made it to the Oasis without being aggro'd by any Gobs. Woo Hoo! I found a DNC level 19 to party with us. We took on snippers but we got scimpy exp. So we moved to the beach. My first time there!!!!! So we took on snippers there and some low level Gobs. Then he pulled a Pugil. It was very tough. We barely survived, but it gave us a shit load of exp. We pulled more snippers. Then Kirin pulled another Pugil. We were fighting the pugil then a Bogey attacked. It killed Kirin and this level 75 SMN/WHM raised him & killed the Bogey. The other party member & I finished fighting Pugil with SMN/WHM powerleveled us. Kirin finished healing and we were back into the killing. Then Kirin pulled a IT Pugil. It started whipping our tails. Kirin died again. Me & the other member zoned to Selbina. SMN/WHM killed Pugil while we were zoning. She also went & raised Kirin again. Meanwhile I'm in Selbina with the other party person healing. Then we head back to Kirin in the Dunes. So we get more people eventually. In the end we have the following line up: 2 RDM, 2 PLD, 1 SMN, 1 DNC. And all of us can cure. So we cured each other. It was a hot party. I leveled to 20 in 2 hrs and some more exp so I will not level down. I was so happy. I warp back to S. SanD. I go into my mog house to change my gear to my level 20 gear. I change but I can't use my trump crown while wearing my Tunic. I head out to the AH to sell my level 18 gear. I bump into Lordgrim from my new linkshell Valor Kingdom. He asked me if I would like an escort to Jeuno now. I told him no thanks. I was going to level up my WHM to 10 so it would be effective as a sub. On my home, my friend Titen (on the game of course) called me on my home phone & told me he sent me level 20 armor for my RDM. I go into my mog & checked my delivery box. I put on the armor he gave me. Red Mage Level 20 I look quite cute. Thanks to Titen. I run out of my mog with my new outfit on. So I went to AH to sell the level 20 gear I already had. On my way back to my mog, I bump into LordAngel another Valor Kingdom member. He also offered to escort me to Jeuno & I again turned down the offer. I then shutdown. I played longer than expected.

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