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Sunday, August 24, 2008

WHM - Level 11 - Rank 2

Played: 3 hrs I get on to level WHM to level 10. I was in Jeuno when I logged on. I checked my delivery box. I was a bit shocked to see a dozen red roses from Titen. I also sold something at AH. The rest of my items were returned to me. That sucked. I then went to Chocobo stables and rented a chocobo. I chocobo back to San.D.. Yay!!!! No dying for me. I get back to S.San.D. to find that the NPC I normally sell goods to won't take anything. I try the NPC close to going home. She accepted my stuff. I sell stuff. I then resell the items I had put up to sell at the AH before. I then go to my mog in San.D. to change my job to WHM. I ask my brother to powerlevel me because the last time I went on, I got mobbed again and died. That's how I ended up back in Jeuno. I had to HP, forgetting HP was Jeuno. So on my way out, I bump into a Taru called Lollipop, THF. I invite her to party. She accepts. We head towards LaTheine, with my brother. We end up in LaTheine. My brother powerleveled us for a while. I guy from our LS, Lordangel wanted to party with me & Lollipop. He invites her to the LS. We kill. He pulls a Akaba that was kicking his butt more than I can cure it. He ended up dying. I felt bad. He said it was okay. He told me next time to use Benediction. We kill some more. We had another powerlevel from out LS, Gihl. My bro left at some point. I can't even tell you when. Then Lordangel said he had to go & left the party. Left me and Lolli. I leveled to 10 with Lordangel. Lolli & I leave the area because just the 2 of us can't handle the Orcs. We head closer to W.Ronf.. Then I get a tell from my bro saying to answer this guy Kakida, MNK, in our LS. He wanted to join. So I said okay. I then find another guy a PLD, named Nichol. The 2 meet up in S.San.D.. and head towards us. I invite them in. We kill and kill. Then Nichol pulls a VT Orc. They nearly killed us. I finally used Benediction. Woo Hoo!! We survived. I have no idea how much exp I got. I just was glad to be alive. 2 fights later, I leveled to 11. I looked at the time and said I had to log at 11:30. I changed the leader position to Kakida. I was about to leave when Nichol pulled a creature (aka mob). I healed for the last time. I waved goodbye to everyone & disbanded. I ran all the way back to San.D. without an aggro. I log off across from AH.

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