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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Death By Titen

Played: 3 - 4 hrs I get on solely to finish choco quest 2 so I can chocobo it back to San.D.. I get on my ps3 since I wasn't going to do anything but feed chocobo. I'm standing around trying to do my macros. I sense someone is all up in my grill behind my menus. I clear my menus to find Titen standing in front of me. Photobucket He tries to convince me to go to San.D. To start missin 2-3. I tell him I'm not going to do 2-3 until I'm level 25. I go down to try feed choco again. It accepts for a second time. I go back up to wear Titen was. He asked what I plan on doing. I told him to finish my choco quest. It's night time and I can't see well. There were a lot of lights. I accidentally accepted party invite from Titen. Which made him instantly teleport me. I was kidnapped. I ended up in LaTheine and we went to San.D.. I have no idea why we are here. So I decide to go to my mog house to check my delivery box. Titen said where are you going? I am supposed to talk to the signet guard. I asked why. He said for supply quest to Qufim. I told him I'd be right there. I get the supplies and he warps me. I'm back in Jeuno. I go back to feed the chocobo. Then he arrives and tells me to come to Port Jeuno. I head there, and he's in Lower Jeuno. We head to outpost in Qufim. I do not have a map of Qufim yet. He puts sneak and invisible on me. We get to outpost guy. He gives me conquest points. So he's supposed to take me back to Jeuno. Then he throws sneak & invisible on me and heads somewhere else. I asked where he was going and he said he has to take care of something really quick. Well he takes me down to fight a Sea Horror type NM. Sneak & invisible wore off and a Goblin killed me in one hit. I was sooooooooooooooo pissed. I told him I couldn't afford to get hit. So I'm naked when he raises me. I didn't leveldown. I have 133 exp pts, the next death will definitely level me down. So he puts invisible & sneak on me again. He's taking me back. The he tells me BRB. I'm in middle of Qufim naked. Then a Wright came close. He stood up and killed it. Then he moves again. Then tells me BRB again. This time he's gone. I call for my brother because a Wright is right next to me. My sneak & invisi wore off again & the Wright killed me when I was putting Sneak on myself. I leveled down, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed. Then Titen comes back on and raises me. My brother couldn't get to me on time. So now, Titen has to power level me so I can get my level back. I get back 533 exp points. I tell him enough and he takes me back to Jeuno. I am still pissed off at Titen. I go feed the chocobo for the last time. I get my chocobo riding license. I am happy about that but I'm still mad at Titen. I didn't even try it out. I just went to my temporary mog and shutdown.

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Wendel - E.Fox said...

have you tried turning up the brightness or contrast on your monitor/tv to help with the night time problems? and also on my monitor I have a few settings, a couple of which make it darker when its night time on the game for some reason, maybe try a different setting if you can.