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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Small Accomplishment

After my whole day sleeping, I got on game around 6 pm to do Windy missions. Today was the day that Kirinkage and myself took out the dragon again. So I am in Jeuno when I logged in. I had to make my way back to Windy to talk to a Taru in Heaven's Tower. I head to the Port to catch the airship. I am lucky. Th ship is supposed to arrive in 1 minute.
When I arrive in Windy, I changed to my WHM so I can Tele-Hola for the next leg. I run to Tower to speak w/ the little Taru. I then met up with Kirin. I tele'd us to Latheine. We caught a chocobo and rode off to the kingdom of my birth. I went to Windy's consulate and met up with an old friend, Lion. She didn't remember me though. Nearly brought tears to my eyes. We went thru a lot together when I was living in San d'Oria. I also went to see another old friend, halver. He didn't reconize me either. Unlike Lion who wished me luck, he insulted me. He must've been blind and called me a fur-ridden creature. I'm Elvaan!!! How rude. Didn't realize he was such an ass. Anyway, We were told to go to Ghelsba and take out an Orc.
Kirin and I get to Ghelsba fine. We are making our way to find the Orc when I fell ito the river. I was stuck in this river for 10 mins before I beckoned for help. A fellow LS mate Lordbrax decided to come to my rescue. By time he got to Ghelsba, I found my way out. He stayed to help us find the Orc. We had to run back to San D to report back to the consule. On t he way out Lordb attracted more than a dozen Orcs. Kirin & I went to help him out. It was fun. 3 against 12 or more was unfair, but we were mightier.
In San D, Kirin and I discussed how we were going to get to Bastok. Lordb offered to tele-dem us. He came out as a BLM and escorted us thru a quick route to Bastok. When were got into Gustaberg, he said he had to go. We thanked him for his help. So we run to the Windy consulate in Bastok. Then we were sent to go fight a dragon in Palborough Mines.
1-1-10 2
We run to the Mines and find our way to the fight arena. We wished each other luck. We've never taken on this dragon with just the 2 of us. I only had Protect to use to buff. We go and fight. I slept the dragon and we took care of the Evil Eye. Then we went after the dragon. It was a very close fight, but we made it. We finished the fight without any death. We took the quick route back to Bastok, on boat thru Zehrun Mines, so we can report back to the consule.
1-1-10 1
We spoke to the homesick Taru and warped to Windy.
We report back to Taru in the Tower. She granted us Rank 3 and gave us 3k gil. Yay!
I then ran to gate guard and gave him some crystals. Then I went to Mithra chick and started mission 3-1.

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