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Monday, January 4, 2010

Infamous Fame

So I get on with the intention of fighting the old man. That was not to be since when I log on Darksday just ended. Bah. Just his luck. I would've kicked his ass today. I have pent up rage at the old man. Also I am judt tired of farming testimonies. Do what to do since I am now on the the game?

So I put up my dyamis money up on my bazaar. I figure I'd chill in the Flea Market in Rolanberry Fields. I was chatting with Lordkaosu when I decided to go farm for yag necklaces. We were talking about avatar fights and boy do I want my avatars. I am close to getting Leviathan. So I figure I'd finish off off my Tenshodo fame. LK said he'd help with fight in 2 days. So that was all the inspiration I needed to finish off the necklaces tonight.

Before I left Jeuno I checked how much the chic in Tenshodo was selling rice balls to me for. She was selling them for 161 gil. Per the fame guide, that put me close to level 4 fsme for Tenshodo. I ran back to Windy and changed to my SMN becsuse fighting 2 yags at once us sweetness. I then run iff ro Giddeus to annihilate the yags and steal all their necklaces. I had dome cokpetition though. There were 3 other folks in here trying to steal my necklaces. I had carby tho. What I couldn't reach, I sent carby after. We are an effective team. I got at least 16 necklaces when Carby made a bad pull. We were in a section where yags were easy prey to my 23. Carby linked 4 yags. Instead of making a direct path he ran anbodd path. So I died. So did Carby & Shiva.

So i had to HP back to Windy sinceno one was around to raise me. I traded in my necklaces and went to Jeuno ro check my fame. Chic sold me rice balls for 160. Hot damn! The guide said that was level 4 fame. So I run back to Windy and changed to me RDM. I then OP to Yhutungha Jungle so I can run to Norg to at least start quest and get tuning fork. I make it to Norg quickly found he Tatu of interest. It told me that his body hurts all over and to leave it alome. WTF!!! I tried it again. I get the same nonsense. So I went to look for the fame guy in Norg. Then I spoke to him. He told me I'm still level 3. WTF!! The fame guide lied to me! So now I have to go hunt more necklaces before Wed. I hope I can grt it by then. I'll try and go RDM tomorrow.

I hate hunting for fame. Good thing I learned is that as I increase my Windy fame my Kazham fame will grow. So getting Ifrit is not as bad as I thought.

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