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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today I get on to do Dynamis. Haven't done it a while. There were multiple reaaons but I can give you 2. First is I was out of town for the holidays. And second, the last time I was available to do dynamis, the were doimg Dreamlands and I don't have access as of yet.

So tonight's dynamis was Jeuno. This where I can grt my Relic pants or feet. Can't remember which one.When I get there I am put in the BLM party to refresh them. It can be boring but it can be very difficult. Where's the difficulty, you ask? I'll let you figure it out later.

So we enter the zone and we are staryimg up the fighting i habe set my scedule of refreshing as how my party list is. I exclude Clinpachi because he's a SCH. Frizzlefry was a BLM tonight too. So as we go thru the zone, my scedule is working very wellbuntil the following. Frizzlefry keeps disappearing. Then another of the BLM disappears. This throws my scedule out of whack. At some point I was running around looking for them. Then I eventually gave up that idea. I put them back in schedule when they appeared again.

During the run RDM dropped. I bid 10 points for them. I lost to another member who bid 15. Oh well, next time. I died 3 times too. All in all, tonight's rub was pretty good coming back from a long hiatus. Now ask me to party on my RDM. It has literally neen months that I've really partied with my RDM.

1-3-10 1
1-3-10 2
TTFN! :)

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