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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rewards of Fame...Part 4

Today was the big day. The fight I've been slaving hard for. Yay!!!

So I get on game and the people who said they were gonna help weren't on and /or AFK. My brother did tell me that our friend Kakida wanted to help. So I sent him a tell. He was down to help. He's never done an avatar fight before and anxious to get avatars for his own SMN. So I get him to go to Norg to get his tuning fork.

My thing was how was I going to get to Yhoator since it was beastmen owned and I don't have the OP out there. I just decided to Op to Yhutunga instead and grab a chocobo from Norg. Thankfully Norg is close to the OP.

I meet Kakida out there. We begin the trek out to Yhoator. As we were riding Ferrin came on. I was talking to him and lost sight of Kakida. I was massively lost by time Terry logged on. I probably never mentioned this before, I hate traveling thru Yhutunga! She was going to ride out to help me find my way but I made it to Kakida without her help.

When we got into Yhoator, the trek was easier. Yhoator is not so bad to travel thru. I made it to the Temple of Ufflepeish. Ferrin and Terry were there wsiting for us. Kakida was kicked off his chocobo do he had to walk the rest of the way to the temple.

So everyone is in party snd Terry and Ferrin told us that Kakida and I should stay back by crystal during fight. That we shouldn't help with the fight. Thry wanted to duo Leviathan. We said okay, but I said I was going to come up to take pics of the fight and Leviathan. They said as long as I don't cast any magic on them while thry were fighting.

We get to cloister of water in the Den of Rancor. We sit heal and refresh up befote we enter. Then were entered tge fight. We mske our way p the trail towsrds Leviathan. Kakida and I stood some paces back so not to be involved but we get to see. I take pics. At one point Terry ran past us and Leviathan was following her. She ran bavk to fighting area. The Leviathan casted Tidal Wave. I had stoneskin up and I was not effected. But Kakida who had his shadows up was hit for over 300 exp. Damn stoneskin is the shit! Ferrin and Terry defeated Levi. She tele'd us to Mea. I rrpatriated to Windy so I could OP to Yhutunga sgsin do I can head to Norg. I wanted to finish quest and get Leviathan. I got him, yay!!!
1-6-10 1
1-6-10 2
1-6-10 3
1-6-10 4
1-6-10 5

I have some time on game so I decided to go try out Leviathan. I figured I'd go to Bubirimo Pennisula and FOV while trying him out. I OP and took a page out of the book. The 1st page. So I took out Levi (my new nickname for him) on first mob.
1-6-10 6
Did 2 more mobs before Kakida joined me. We ended up doing 2 1/2 pages for FOV. He died on the 3rd and we called it a night.

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