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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Finally Did It!!

Before you assume, no I did not beat Maat. I figured trying Maat my
first day back from a hiatus would not be beneficial. May put me in a
bad mood and I would log off game. Let me smooth my way back into the
groove first.
So I get on and decided to try COP 2-5 again. I got Lordkaosu,
Kirinkage, another LS mate named Gunrock. The 4 of us needed the win.
LS mate Arisonsbaby joined us as a WHM. We needed a 6th person now. I
hate this mission and a lot of people hate it too. Thus very few
people will be willing to help.
The 5 of us make it to Tavnazian Safehold. I send out help tells. My
friend Envoy was a jerk to me again. Asked him to make a shout for me
and he had to be rude. Anyway, I was getting discouraged becausebI
couldn't find anyone. I went to Valor Kingdom and Stormys Knights LS
looking for help. They both were near empty. I was getting more
disheartened by the moment.
Arisonsbaby became the winner though. She got her friend Darkscyther
to help us. So here's our party set up: me-RDM, AB-WHM, Dark-RDM,
Kirin-PLD, LK-NIN, Gun-NIN. Not bad. So we run to Riverne-StA-01
(however you spell it).
We had to farm 2 giant scales before we were able to get to fight
arena. The 4 of us who needed fight had to get into fight arena and
get our cutscene and then run away. This wa way we could get full time
for fight. We tried 2 strategies.
1st strategy: Each of healers took one Tank. Each Tank took one
Memmet. Let's say thia didn't work very well. I was catching a lot of
hate casting cure II. So my little team died. Then it was Gun's team
then Kirin's. Kirin is super tank!
2nd strategy: This strategy was much like the one we tried in the
past. However our party make up were different. So Gun kitedb2 memmets
while the other tanks worked on one. I stayedbin middle healing Gun an
when my MP ran I switched places with Dark. By this time, they were
done with first memmet and they retrieved another one from Gun. When
my MP came back I enfeebled the 2nd memmet and and healed at timrs.
Gun ended up fighting he 3rd memmet. Dark started to run out of MP.
Gun died in battle, so Dark had to kite the 3rd memmet. The 2nd memmet
was dead and they grabbed 3rd from Dark. I continued to try and
enfeeble the last memmet. Then when the timer came back, I converted,
raised Gun and went back to enfeeble. Man we finally killed the last
My goodness!!! This mission was a pain in the ass. We finally beat it.
Yay!!! I totally forgot to take pics.
The mission dropped us in S Gustaberg, so he 4 of us who needed COP
went ahead and completed missions 3-1 and 3-2. At the end we made
plans to do mission 3-3 and 3-4 next Tuesday. I'm getting closer to
dreamlands dyna and diabolos avatar. Yay!!

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