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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soaring Thru Sky

So this weekend was pretty good. It's been a bit a good ride since I've been back. So I was able to get on twice this weekend.
Friday: I get on with the attention of taking on the old man. However, Darksday just ended when I logged on. Damn it. I wanted to fight him while I had momentum from the COP mission win. What am I to do? My COP guys were not available. So no continuation on those missions.
I decided to FOV in Buburimu with my SMN. I am seriously lacking tabs. As I've stated before, I'm a lazy Elvaan. I like to move around quickly. So I was talking to friends thru tells. Kakida decided to join me again. This time, he came as BST. So we chose page 4 from the field book. We knocked that out pretty well. We then decided to try page 5. We had to kill Pugils and Goblins We headed to the first beach. We got 2 gobs and 1 pugil here.
1-24-10 2
We then headed to he hidden beach. We messed with one pugil. It killed carby and Kakida's pet and smacked me so hard that I died. Thank goodness for reraise. Kakida had to zone into Bibiki Bay. After we rested up, we went back to killing pugils. We took out 2 more. I had to use Garuda and Shiva on them. They hit harder, but suck more mp. Then we decide to tackle the last pugil needed. I took out Carby again. Why did the scenario from before happen again?
Well I died again. And I leveled down. When did I level up? Kakida had to zone again. This time he decided to zone to Mhaura. I just stayed down and waited for Kirinkage to come raise me. As I was waiting some random Taru came thru and raised me. I got my level back. So I am now 24.
Kakida asked to do another page. The trick now was that I had to get to Mhaura to get the new page. So I called out Carby, my bodyguard. So I head into tunnel right smack into a gob. I left Carby to take care of him. I continued to run. As I exit tunnel, I ran right into another gob. So now I just run and hope I can make it to Mhaura. Luckily I do. Ah, the pleasures of lowlevels; running for your life.
Kakida and I decided to tackle page 4 again to be safe. Towards the end, I was getting really really sleepy. So we finished the page and killed random stuff so Kakida could get his level. The funny thing happened when I was trying to OP back home. Kakida made it home before me, but everytime I try to talk to NPC, the event keeps getting cancelled. Why? Kakida's pet started to attack me since Kakida left. And then. Spook joined in. I had to call for help. I was not about to die. 2 people came to my rescue. The second person had to call for help too, lol. I thanked both people and OP'd.
Sunday: I get on with a Maat attention. This time I have 3 days until Darksday. So what can I do to kill 3 days? I can get the ZM 14 mission done. Who can help me? I got my buddy Ghostdawg to help. He was not doing anything. So I make my way to Rabao for cutscene and started heading to Quicksand Caves. Then I get lost and pissed. Didn't know how to get to this special area of Quicksand and the darn Wiki didn't tell you that you'd had to go thru some tunnel to get there. I was very agitated by time I found my way.
Ghost was already there waiting for me. Then we ran to fight. I triggered and we got our asses handed to us. So we died. Kirinkage said he'll come help. However, Ghost said to try again. This it time we kicked the mob's ass. I got my item but I forgot my warp. So I had to find my way out of Quicksand Caves myself. Ghost left me by myself. It was a pretty fast out, to my surprise. Thought I'd died before I'd get out of there alive. Once I got back into West Altepa I ran back to Rabao to talk to NPC again. Then I choco'd to OP to get back home. During the fight, though, Darksday came and left, lol.
So I just OP'd to Zi'Tah to get to Ro'Meave to finish off Sky access. I run off to the Hall of gods and got my access. Yippee. I can do more end game if I want to.
1-24-10 1
So we had Dyna Xarcabard tonight. It went ok. Died twice. It was kind of boring. No RDM drops. If SMN become free lot, I will lot on them, since I'm working on SMN to be my next high level.
1-24-10 3
1-24-10 4

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