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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chasm of Hell

So today is our weekly COP mission. It's time to tackle 3-3. We knew this one was going to be a long pain in the ass mission. We had to hit all 3 nations plus do some ex tenuous work out in the field. So I gathered everyone in San D where mission starts. I use my collar to quickly get to San D. I run off to N San D when I got party together. Lordkaosu and Kirinkage was there already. We had to wait for Gunrock.
So we did all the cut scenes needed in San D. I miss that place. The story line for this leg of the mission was a fact finding mission mixed with a bible class. Not so much interesting. We had to go to Carpenter's Landing to spawn and kill an NM and talk to a man. It was pretty boring. When cut scene done, we had to go back to San D one last time. I figured I could use my collar again. I find out that I couldn't while everyone warped. I was the only Windy resident. So I had to warp back to Windy. I actually got to use my Nexus cape for the first time. I also needed to get a warp cudgel because for the life of me, I couldn't find the one I already have. So while everyone was trying to find their way to Windy, I bought 2 cudgels. When I was ready to use one, I noticed that there was 3 in my inventory. Oh wow, I bought and extra for nothing.
I warped back to Windy and started the cut scenes. This story line by far is the funniest I've encountered in the game. It was all "who's my daddy" drama with Tarus. They say cats breed a lot with whomever, but these tarus man. They be siring offspring and running away.
So after the cut scene we had to go to Attowha Chasm. Never been there before. None of us has a map so we have to depend on directions from wiki.
1-27-10 1-27-10 2
So we start running looking for loose sand. I get lost from pack because of Internet issues and looking at laptop for directions. So I am lost and pissed off. Easy way to piss me off is to get me lost. Lk had to come get me. I got item needed. They had already spawned and killed NM. Now here comes the fun. You have half an hour to get the item up the mountain. Not as easy as it sounds.
We run around looking for the ramp up he mountain. All the while internet is threatening to DC me and Kirin. After 10-15 mins we find the itty bitty ledge we had to use. When I say itty bitty, if you make one sudden incorrect move you fall. So that was happening a lot to us. We ran out of time so we had to go get key item again. The problem now is we couldn't find our way back to loose sand again. We finally found it and got item and we added Ferrok to the party. Then we try to find ledge again.
We find it. I tell Kirin not to leave me like they all did before. So I'm following Kirin up the ledge when guess what?!?!? I dc'd. Then Kirin dc'd. That means we have to get the damn item again when we get back on. So when Kirin and I finally make it back online we had to get a new item again. However, when we got back, Ferrok needed a new crystal too. So we all (except Gunrock who found his way to the top) went to try again up the mountain. I make good, but Oboro needs to go. He was in the way. By this time Titen joined our party. He was coming to help us. Then Ferrok got in my way for a minute. Then guess what!?!?!? I frickin' fall. I screamed. My bro heard me 2 flights down. Had to start all over again. Told them to wait so I can find my way to them. When I caught up with them, we managed to make it all the way to the top in time. I get my new 3 items. We all just warped to Windy for cut scenes.
Then last leg of this mission was in Bastok. Luckily, the explorer moogle is out so we get to use it. Yay! Got last cut scene in Bastok and high tailed my ass back to Windy. I am done for the night. Let's put this way, we started this mission at 7 pm. It is now 12:30 am. Good 2.5 hours were spent in Attowha. I have grown a large distaste for this area just from doing this mission.
My feelings: WTH was SE thinking on this mission. There was no way in hell we would've found the slope up the damn mountain. There was not any type of signifier showing that you could climb. They really made this mission nearly unreasonable. I hate this one now more than the memmets fight. The map of this place is worst than the Elshimo maps. I heard that SE tamed down COP missions, but judging from 2-5 & 3-3, the whole COP series is going to have me cursing and pissed off. Makes me wonder if I want to continue doing COP until the end. I didn't get to take too many pics this run. I forgot to take pic in Carpenter's Landing. I only took pics of the entrance to Attowha because after the second pic above, getting pissed off and lost was more prevalent.

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lordkaosu said...

I would have liked to see a pic of you falling instead :O It was all good fun though.