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Sunday, July 12, 2009

There's Always a Silver Lining!

I get on game and pop over to Whitegate to get party. I throw my flag up along with my search comment say "Level Sync 67+". I get couple of offers that were too low. Then I get an offer from Jeth that's still too low. He was looking for 64. I was tempted just to just take it for the experience points. I asked him where they were planning on partying. He said Bhaflau Thickets. I said no thanks. I don't want to play with the Colibri as RDM again. Then he said they'll do Mount Zhylom. I said fine. I get into the party. The whole party is complaining and bitching about me. They want to do Colibri. I spoke up and said I'm here listening to you bitch about me, so if you want to do Colibri go right ahead, I'm disbanding party. My brother saw what they are saying and said I shouldn't have responded & just disbanded.

Anyhow, I disbanded and now Jeth is sending massive tells trying to get me back in party. I just stated that I do not want to do Colibri's. He said I should be lucky because Colibri is fast exp and I'll be waiting for a party for 4 hours. I stopped responding to him, but he kept on sending me tells. I was trying to have a conversation with Phaet but Jeth's tells were just spamming. I vented to Phaet about it. Phaet went and sent guy a tell telling him to stop it. Which of course, didn't stop it right away. He ended up calling me retarded because I didn't want fast experience. Then Titen was trying to chat w/ me & I told him what happened. So Titen went and sent him a tell too. Apparently Titem must've said something stronger cause the guy logged off. Lol.

Apparently this guy doesn't have a high level RDM as a job. I get parties quickly. Even when I'm in a party I get party invites. I just don't like Colibris. I'm not like other RDMs out there that say they will not join a party unless there's a BRD & COR in party or BRD or COR in party. But the thing I wanted to say. Phaet & Titen were defending me was great, but I was ignoring the guy, so they didn't have to confront the guy. I think he'd give up eventually. But otherwise the spamming stopped.

So with the argument closed, I didn't feel like partying anymore. Beseiged was going to start, so I got a party together for it. Got a lot of my ls mates. Got Koigoro, Panzer (aka Ciddester), Kryscella, someone else I can't remember. Kirinkage came late so he was not in a party. I died once but my Dark got to 107. 93 more levels then it's capped.

After beseiged Kirin & I decided to do our NPC quest that we've been talking about doing for 6 months now. I chose Elvaan Male & he chose Hume Female. It was a total of 5 quests. I had to fight a dragon by myself. I am glad I chose to put on Ice Spikes. But it went smoothly. My NPC name is Romidiant. He's cute and tall. I chose his personality to be calm and collected, but he turned out to be a wiseass, lol. But he still cool. I don't want to hear what he says if he gets KO'd. So Kirin and I went to test our NPCs out in Garlaige Citadel. We fought bats, beetles, bombs, and skeletons. They stay out only for 15 mins I think and once an earth day.

I get on to farm with Phaet. Instead of farming, we ended up in Onzonzo to camp/farm up a Mold...vite earring for me. We spent the time annihilating gobs and these other camel/bird looking mobs there. The NM finally spawned and this other RDM chick stole it. Oh well that was 2 hours gone. But the drops from the camel/bird mob are great. So I got some good gil.

Phaet had to go help someone move and I was being called to do duty to do San d'Oria Rank missions. So I left Phaet, or more likely Phaet d2d me. I met up with Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry, and Kirin to do mission 7-1 then 7-2. We did both within an hour and an half. We were half an hour late for dynamis though. I got Rank 8 and 60k in gil. Not bad.

We got a new pearl for Dynamis. Today was Windhurst again. We lost there last Sunday. This is my first time being a party leader. So I got to dole out the hourglasses. I died once or twice this time. We finally won. I now got 4/4 base cities. I can now do other areas like Qufim and Beaucidine Glacier. Yay! I may get a relic piece yet.

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