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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An uneventful Evening

Tonight I get on to farm. I promised Inchigo that I would farm with him. I change my job to /NIN and headed to Zi'Tah. I started without him. I do pretty well without him.

I met up with him eventually. A lot sooner than I thought. We started killing what we can but we had huge competition. So I told Inchi to take me to his Gobbue haven. A place off the map that supposedly has tons of gobbue. We go there. Not one gobbue in sight. Competition is sky rocketing tonight.

However, I found a cement tomb for Zilart Art Mission 5. So I tell Inchi to wait. I wanted to get item for mission. What I didn't realize is that a NM would spawn. Well the mob hit me twice and I was down to 300 HP from 1035 HP. Inchi took his attention for s second and then he died. So in theory I was going to die next. Mob was level 70. Even though Inchi was 75 he couldn't take mob by himself nor with my level 69 job. So we are both dead. I was able to get Solesiren to come raise us.

Competition after death was still high so we stopped farming. I decided I needed exp to make up for dynamis and this just recent death. So I formed a party to fight imp land, Caedvra Mire. I was able to get Loquat as WHM, Inchi as WAR, me RDM, a SAM, a THF and a MNK. There weren't any real tanks available. Sole stole Puniwai before I could get him and Frizzlefry was busy. We did ok. I went from 2k exp to 13k. I need 32k to level to 70.

I can't believe that I am almost to maat fight. Once I level to 70 I will concentrate on skilling up and farming my testimony. Oh boy, I'm already nervous.

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