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Monday, July 13, 2009

Problix and his Cat Ose

Got on yesterday to try again for my Mold..vite earring with Phaet. So we head on to do it in Onzonzo. We started to run around killing Cockatrice (the camel/bird looking mob) and goblins while we wait for NM goblin to spawn. Phaet came as a 75 THF, which is the bomb. He is King, lol. Shit dropped like water. We got chest keys 10xs over, plus meat, skin, scrolls, etc. As we were running around, Phaet found a Treasure Chest for me. I got map of Onzonzo. Good thing. I had no idea where to find my way around by myself. We get to the room & stay there, when we noticed people coming in. Again, I walked right by the spot where he spawned. Lucky, Phaet got him. So I was able to get my earring. Yay!

Then we decided to try for Ose to get Assault jerkin.It was good because no one was there. Kirinkage came to join us. We camped the place. No Ose. Then people started to come. We got competition. Towards the end, we had to go. Still no Ose. Oh well. Maybe next time. Probably would have to go in middle of the day. Too many people on in the evening, lol.

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