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Thursday, January 1, 2009

When Running Errands Turns Into An Adventure

Played: 2 days various times Day 1: I get on to do my typical Nest map quest. However, that's not what happened. I felt kind of bad that I leveled DRG higher than my SMN. So I decided to just level it to 8 so all my low level jobs are even. So I suit up and get carby. I really need to get some more avatars. Anyway, I got off subject. I go into W Ronf to level with Carby. Inchigo said he was going to help Shallia level her RNG to 7 also. Oh well. I go out and do my thing. Kirinkage decided he was going to come powerlevel me. I said sure. He meets up with me. I used my food while playing to increase my MP pool so I can have Carby out a lot longer. Eventually, while killing mobs, I get where Shallia and Inchigo are. To be honest, I really didn't notice. I only found out because I read that Kirinkage cheered her on. Oh well. I probably stole her mob by accident. I send Carby to get mobs first. Hey, I'm squishy. Inchigo did come near me though. Kirin then announced he was going to the Shitadel to find his coffer key and coffer for his PLD AF4. I said I would come with him since I had a chest key. I would look for a chest while we were there. I head back to San D change my job back to RDM. I also found out my Opaline Dress sold. Finally. I also got a bronze bed and rusty bucket from my friend Kakida. I place the bed in my mog so I can start quest when the conquest points are tallied on Sunday. I also go to AH to buy the additional items to complete quest. I decided to buy the items for Gobbie Bag quest too. I only got one item though. I OP warp to Qufim to get to Jeuno. As I enter Jeuno I find out I have enough fame now I can get the map of Delkfutt Tower Yay! But not enough to start the Gobbie Bag quest. Sucks. I also get an invite for a level 46 party. Yay! Kirin was in party too. The party sucked. It was at the basement of the Shitadel. 2 guys died while I was healing them. I had to raise twice and had to convert 3 times. In a good party I don't have to convert. I'm usually good with just refresh on. I did level to 47 immediately. Then we disbanded when I got a sizable buffer 4.7k in for a 7.5k limit. I accompany Kirin back to Jeuno. He gets a friend from his LS to come. Both are 75; PLD Instantillius. I meet them at the Shitadel. We go in. I'm casting sneak and invisible once we pass through the first Banishing Gates. We did well until a point when I was killed by Acid Slime. A RDM/SMN raised me. I was fine after a while. We get to a point where Instantillius told us (Kirin and I) to stay by this one area. Were were joined by another of Kirin's LS mates Ilus; a THF 75. They went to fightbad mob while we stayed put. I had to keep sneak up on Kirin and I. At one point I cast the spell too close to the door and a droma was there. It came out and attacked me. It aggros by magic. So we had to fight it by ourselves. Instantilius is shouting to Kirin to heal me. Lol. He was worrying about little frail me. So after we finished fighting the Droma we were just waiting for a long time. So, while we are waiting, I finally got my cell phone synced to Entourage on my Mac. Yay! We were still waiting by time I finished that. They finally got the key and Kirin lotted it. Then we had to open Gates # 2. That was an adventure. Needless to say we opened the gates, but I was the only slow ass that never made thru the gate. So I warped to Jeuno. I certainly couldn't open them again. You need 4 people to open them. I'm back in Jeuno and I decided to go to Bastok so I can do Nest quest the next time I'm on. I take airship to Basyok. Yay! I get off in Port Bastok. I decide before heading to mog house to log to do the mog house exit quest and see my fame. My fame is a measly 2 in Bastok. I'm shocked I tell you! Nah, not really. It's better than I expected. Thought it be a 1. So now I head back to the mog house and log out. Day 2: I log onto game only to check my stats. Right. You know that's not what happened, right. I do get my stats, but I decided to run errands. I go to S Gustaberg to find monument to trade clay too. On my way, some gobs were drowned and/or caught in hurricanes. I got a fishing rod out of it, lol. I find monument and do my thing. I head back to Bastok to get chocobo and head to Selbina. Okay, I admit I don't go to Bastok too often. But come on. I hate N & S Gustaberg! I find my from S Gust to N Gust to find that I can't get to Konchstat Highlands because of some damned ravine. I had to go back to S Gust to re-enter N Gust at another entrance. Come on!?!!!!! If I got kicked off my chocobo in middle of Konchstat I was going to raise some hell!!! Actually I wouldn't. They should show that you can't cross over from east to west on Map properly. Anyway, I get to Selbina to trade clay with mayor. I then decided to head to LaTheine to finish Blood quest and get monument to trade clay. I decide to do monument first. I find the gorge I must enter. Now I get down there and to find the monument is 2 tunnels and 2 more gorges away. Come on!?! Did it have to be so far? I did my stuff and found my way out of the gorge. Now onto Ordelle Caves. Yay!!! Not... I get to the gorge where Ordelle's at, but I can't find the way down. There's usually a NPC standing at that spot. But thru all the rain, I couldn't see shit. I went around the gorge until, miraculously, it stopped raining and the NPC was right in front of me. I head down. I get into the caves. I look for the monster to fight for the chest key. I get it from the first fight, a ochu looking mob, don't remember name. I then have to find the damn chest. I find it in 10 mins. Yay!! I get what I needed and set myself to leave this place. I get out no problem. Now back to Selbina to discuss things with the mayor. I get to Selbina and discuss matters with the mayor. I trade my clay for more clay. I now have 12/15 monuments completed. I have E & W Sartabarta and N Gustaburg left (argh!). I find out the Blood quest must be finished in San D. I OP warped back to San D and finished the Blood quest. I am going to sell the Cunning earrings I go from it. I head to mog and log off.

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