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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shit Happens When You Are Busy

Can you tell by my title the I'm a bit swamped? Anyway, I'm sorry for not blogging for a couple of weeks. I have been doing a lot of OT at work. However, work didn't stop me from playing. I made the time. I did accomplish some stuff. Didn't accomplish a lot but some. Like my last blog I am gonna jot down bullet points of accomplishments and then explain them later. 1. WHM - Ding 27!! 2. Cooking - Ding 4!! 3. Increase Inventory to 35 1. Well since I haven't been getting parties with my RDM, I decided to level my WHM earlier than I planned. (Original plan: start leveling WHM to 37 when RDM hits lvl 50) Anyway, so I'm in Jeuno and I changed to WHM. I go to Spell shop in Lower Jeuno to gather necessary spells. I think I bought only 1: barsleepra. I remember this spell because I know I have to level in Kahzam until level 30 and those Mandrake things love to put you to sleep. I put my flag up. No takers. So I had to form my own party. I got my bro Kirin (he needed to level his WAR to 37), Ghostdawg DRK, Naquel DNC, a RDM (Noony) and a THF. Earlier I got a call from my ex Titen that he wants me to hold a spot for him in my party. He said he was gonna be on in half hr or so. I said he could replace Kirin as a tank when Kirin leaves for his LS meeting. So we killing and getting exp. I level to 26. So Kirin has to leave so I have to replace him. Just in time, I get a tell from Titen asking to play. I said yeah tank. He had a hissy fit. He only want to play DNC. I told him I already had one but I need a tank. And I reminded him that I told him that earlier. So of course he didn't come. We decided to just find a damage dealer. We continue to kill with just 5 of us. Then we realized that THF was not doing anything for a very long while. It was a concensus to kick him from party. Now I had to find 2 new players instead of one. Then this BLU came into camp running from a gob. He died. I raised him then asked him if would like to join our party. He agrees. Yay! I found one. Then I get another, a SAM. SAM gets killed on way to camp. I go raise him then cast sneak on both of us. We started killing. Then people kept aggroing a stupid gob and dying. I had to raise couple times more. Then the SAM disconnected. Don't know if on purpose or computer trouble. We waited a while to see if he shows back up. We continue to fight with 5 until I find replacement. Then BLU aggros a gob (of course) and tried to zone but died before he got thru the zone. So I had to go raise him. Yay! My enhancing is raising. The more I raise, the more time I have to sit on my ass to get back my MP. Icouldn't find a 6th person. So we just continued with 5 until we just gave up. Had great convos though. Didn't level again because we spent a lot of time waiting for players. Next day, I am in Jeuno and Kirin asked if I want to level down and play in Quifm. I said sure. Guess who was in party? Noony from Kahzam party the day before. I level to 27 in this party. No one died. Thank goodness. But there were a lot of dead bodies around. Then we decided to call it a night in 1.5 hrs. So I didn't get much of a buffer. Next day I decide to go kill in one of the Gustabergs. Yeah.... My favorite place to be. If you believe that you don't understand sarcasm. I need to level my divine magic. That means I need to banish shit. But why Gustaberg? Well I want the OP there so I figure I help out trying to get San d'Oria to get control of Gustaberg, lol. I also went to give Ghostdawg a pearl for my ls. As I get there, Kakida gave me a tell asking me to level sync 15 party in Dunes. I said sure. So did Ghost. I had to chocobo all the way there. When I get there I find Naquel there too. This time she was a bit bossy. Man, she was bothering the shit outta me. Maybe I was just tired. Then Kakida was getting on my nerves too. He kept saying "Good Job" Yes, I am tired. Or is it that I hate this phrase because my boss at my real life job says it all the damn time. Any which way it was bothering the shit outta me. So I told them I had to go. Kakida said to wait so I can get my level. I said it wasn't necessary. I like Kakida a lot. I was just tired and cranky. I forgot to mention throughout this whole party we were doing the Field of Valor training missions. My first time doing it. It's pretty sweet. You get exp from killing objects, but once you finish mission you get even more exp. Now that's sweet. 2. I have been trying really hard to level my cooking craft. It has been giving me grief. I have spent a lot of time in Windurst trying to level cooking. Instead I just got more shit to sell. And more shit to take up room in my inventory and mog safe. So I temporarily put a halt on trying to level it. Normally, it takes up to the count of one to get to next level; ie. 0.1, 0.2 skill raises until hit 1.0 to get to next level. I was getting a lot of 0.2 and 0.3 but I didn't level. I think the game cheated me. Anyway, like I was saying, I was put leveling on hold because I was getting impatient. Then the day after I partied at Dunes with Kakida (see #1 for refresher), I warped back to San D. I then look at my mog safe and saw I only had 56/60 full. So I decided to rid myself of a couple items. I step outside the mog house to do the synthesis. I decided to make Herbal Broth. It's level 5 or 6 recipe. I do 1st synthesis, I lost crystal and a turnip. 2nd synthesis provided 4 jugs of herbal broth. My skill went up by 0.2. I then proceed to make a 3rd synthesis of the same. Then bam! I finally leveled to cooking level 4. About frickin' time. Dammit. 3. When I'm in Jeuno right after Kirin party in Dunes, I decide to try Gobbie Bag quest to increase my inventory to 35. The first time I spoke to the gob in the junk shop he asked me about the stupid cavernous maws. So I am thinking my fame is not high enough. I leave the shop. I go onto Wiki and find out what fame is needed. It says fame level 2. I have 2. So what was the problem? Why couldn't I get quest? So just like Aaliyah, I dusted myself off and tried again. I speak to gob. Same maw crap. This time I decided to talk to him again. Guess what!?! I got the quest. Frickin' A. I have only 1 item of the requested items, so I head to AH to buy the other 2. I can't find the 3rd item. So I look up wiki to find where I can get Steel Ingot. They said in San D or Mhaura at the Blacksmithing guild. Of course I tried to go to San D first. No steel ingot. I am determined to finish this quest tonight! So I OP warp to Buburimu Pennisula to get to Mhaura. I get into Mhaura and finally found the Steel Ingot there in the blacksmithing guild. I OP warp back to San D and then to Quifm. I complete the quest. Boo yah! I got my inventory to 35. There were probably some more little things, but alas, I can't recall anymore. If I remember, it will be in a newer post.

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