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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Tired of all the Fighting

I have been playing for at least 1 to 2 hours for couple of days now. In those days I got my WHM to 28 and my DNC to 9. I played DNC to help my brother level his SAM. I like DNC in the respect to drain samba and I hit so weak that I don't get hate. I rarely need healing. We probably partied for 2 hours in Latheine and our powerleveler had to heal me twice. It was 3 of us in the party; Kirin - SAM, Inchigo - BST and me. Inchigo died I think twice because his charmed mob lost its charm and killed him. He never died by battle. Photobucket What I really wanna discuss is how I got my WHM to 29. It was a day that I got home from a stressful day at work. I figured I go on the game to cool off and level. I think I got the second part done. Not so much the first. Anyway, I get a phone call in reallife from Titen asking me what I'm doing on the game that night. I said I was leveling my WHM. He said cool and he wants to join my party with his BRD. I said fine. Mind you we are n the regular phone. I start making a party. I always look for tank first. There weren't any PLDs so I found a WAR/MNK. He agreed to tank. Then my boy Ghostdawg sent me a tell. He asked what I was up to. I told him and he was down to party. He was coming as NIN/THF. So I had 4 out of 6 members. I head to Kazham. I tell Titen I got 4 people looking for 2 more. I tell him what I had so far. Then the bitching started. He just had to get on Ghost coming as NIN/THF. Titen - Why doesn't he sub WAR instead so he can tank? Me - Um, we already have a tank. The WAR. Titen - He should sub war to tank. Me - He's not tanking!!! Titen - What's his name? Me - Why? So you can harrass him about his job? I get a THF/WAR. He agrees to pull. That makes 5 out of 6. Titen - I can figure out who he is anyway? Me - What's the issue here? We have a tank War, puller THF, BRD you, a dd NIN. What's the issue? Titen - He should be tanking. Me - But he is not because we ALREADY HAVE A TANK!! Me - I know how to set up a party. And you're not an expert. Titen - Yes I am. I've been playing for nearly 4 years. Me - Whatever Titen. Nowadays you get what you can get. I don't have 3 hours to wait for the perfect jobs. I get what I can. I get a THF/NIN. Party set. Me - If my friend wants to party with me he can. I don't care if he's a NIN/THF. I already have a tank. Ghostdawg - Yo! This dude Titen is bitching at me about my sub. If it's a prob I'm out. Me - Ignore him. He's bitching at me too; I 'm tryin' to squash it. Ghostdawg - Ok cool. Me - You sent Ghost a tell? Why? Titen - He need to come as a /WAR Me - No he doesn't. I can't believe you sent him a tell. Titen - Yeah. He should sub WAR. Me - Titen this is my party. You didn't set it up. Titen - You asked me for my help. Me -To find new members not to harrass the ones we already have! Ghostdawg - Yo! He still harrassing me. So I just blacklisted him. Me - You did. I'm so sorry about. Ghostdawg - I'm still coming. If there's any drama I'm out. Me - Ok.There won't be one. Me - Titen if you are happy with my party line up, then you don't have to come. Titen - I found my replacement. His name is Vulg. Me - Good. Thank you. Titen - I hope your party goes well and no one dies. I hung up the phone. He's an asshole. My brother was sitting next to me during the whole conversation. He was shaking his head. Then left for his place. The party was great. I leveled and no one died. Everyone got along. And we even had a powerleveler. We partied in Yhoator Jungle. My 3rd time there. I had fun. Unfortunately I had to go in an hour and a half. When I get off my bro says Titen is ridiculous. He said he could think of 2 reasons why he was acting like an ass. 1. He just an ornery asshole and likes to control everything. 2. He was harrassing Ghost because he was my friend. He's probably wants to be the only person I should depend on. So it's his tactic to alienate me. I added a 3rd thought. 3. I think he doesn't have any really good friends to hang out with in the game. I can understand why. He 's a big jerk. (If I was GM Dave, I would feed him to Jorgumand and ban his ass, lol) I really hate having drama in game or in life. I hate to fight. Too much time to do than waste time fighting. Well that's what has happened recently. I'm going on vaca so I won't be playing for a over a week.

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